Cervon File

Cervon File
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During the early years of the Magic Castle, Bruce Cervon recorded the magic of Dai Vernon in what are now known as the "Castle Notebooks." At the same time, Bruce kept another set of notebooks filled with his own innovative moves, routines, variations and subtleties. Over the years, selected routines were released through various magazines and with each new release, the worldwide reputation of Bruce Cervon loomed larger. But these infrequent articles were as close as anyone came to "The Cervon Notebooks"... until now. With the publication of The Cervon File, you have gained full access to this important body of work. All 64 items have been completely rewritten and enhanced with over 225 illustrations. This book offers magic with business cards, coins and bills, slates, a handkerchief and rope, and enough top-notch card magic to keep everyone from the novice to the seasoned cardician busy for years. The Cervon File is hardbound, gold-stamped and protected by a striking dust jacket.