Cereal Triks

Cereal Triks
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  • Item #: p0530
  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $190.00

The cabinet holds a full sized box of your favorite cereal. This effect has a special gimmick that allows the performer to pour cereal into a bowl at the beginning. The fun really takes off when the empty box is placed inside the magic cabinet. The performer makes the cereal box vanish. The magician works the audience into a frenzy opening one door then the next to show no cereal box. The finale, he opens both doors and there is no cereal box!

The kicker, the box appears... anywhere he desires, a grocery sack, attached to his back, anywhere his imagination dictates.

* Solid Oak
* Special Gimmick
* Works With Any Standard Sized Cereal Box
* Hand Made By FRONTIER MAGIC Craftsmen

Cereal Triks is for a great Kid Show or corporate event!