Celebrated Cigarettes

Celebrated Cigarettes
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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A superior routine direct from a professionals act! And so simple! All you need to know is the Thumb Palm (a sleight most magicians have already mastered with a coin or a thimble). All you need to have is a cigarette pull vanisher, a silk handkerchief and a cigarette reproducer for two cigarettes. With these simple preparations you can learn this famous routine.

Briefly, the routine: A lighted cigarette is produced, then discarded. Another is produced and changes to a silk. A third is produced after stroking the silk. This lighted cigarette is wrapped in the silk, then slowly twisted right through it, leaving no trace of its mysterious passage. A cigarette placed between the lips disappears and then magically reappears. This cigarette is discarded. Another is produced, vanished, reproduced, vanished again and it reappears, still lighted, between the lips! The performer discards this cigarette, drinks a glass of water, and, once, again, a lighted cigarette appears between his lips. Then another cigarette , then another, then a lighted cigar followed by a lighted, smoking pipe. In addition to this standard climax, four different finishes are given in the book. Clearly written, well illustrated. There is nothing left to the imagination of the performer. Excellent magic from an expert performer! Written by Keith Clark.