Casadega Cabinet

Casadega Cabinet
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  • Item #: ABBcasadegacab
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $175.00
An outstanding effect for any part of your program. The magician assembles a cabinet in full view of the audience and then sets it on an ordinary table or on the backs of two chairs. The performer explains that the cabinet is haunted by spirits. A tambourine and a bell are placed into the cabinet. The bell rings and flies high in the air. The tambourine jingles and it, too, flies completely up and out of the cabinet. The magician borrows a handkerchief. A knot is tied at one corner and the handkerchief is placed into the cabinet. Immediately a corner of the handkerchief appears in one of the cut-out openings in the cabinet?s doors.

The handkerchief acts as spooky as a ghost, moving from side to side, gradually crawling farther out of the cabinet. Suddenly, it springs all the way out, standing upright, one corner just touching the floor. It dances, it falls to the floor. At the magician's command it springs up into the air and comes to rest in his hands. It still moves from side to side as the magician returns it to its owner. The cabinet may be dismantled in full view of the audience. The Casadega Cabinet is full professional size and finished in natural wood and lacquers. Comes complete with workshop plans, routine bell, tambourine and gimmicks.