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Anti Gravico Appearing 12 Coke Bottles from Bag
Anti GravicoAppearing 12 Coke Bottles from Bag
An effect that can be performed anywhere! An unprepared bottle is filled with water, turned upside down and the water remains in the bottle! Matches, toothpicks, pencils, etc. , are inserted into the upside down bottle and float to the surface of the water.FANTASTIC VISUAL MAGIC!!!! You show an empty paper bag and then produce 12 Coca Cola Bottles from it & as a Final Convincer; you Pour Actual Coke from one of the Bottle! Watch the Demo



Cola News - Cola in Newspaper Nielsen Vanishing Bottles - Coke Full or Empty
Cola News - Cola in Newspaper Nielsen Vanishing Bottles - Coke Full or Empty
Toss out your old milk pitchers and make room in your magic act for the next greatest thing. The Cola News, cola in newspaper is the next greatest thing in magic. It works just like the old milk pitcher. The best part is... It is totally...Nielsen quality vanishing bottles. Coke full, and coke empty. Vinyl labels included, just not applied for photo. Ready for immediate shipment. Check out Demo!



Silk In Bottle Tipsy Bottle (Indian Magic Service)
Silk In BottleTipsy Bottle (Indian Magic Service)
A silk is vanished and found inside a soda pop bottle which has the cap on. Complete with everything you need, Check out the demonstration.Tipsy Bottle (Indian Magic Service) $25 — This is an excellent comedy prop for any magician. It has an added new "liquid pouring feature" that allows you to get much more mileage from the item. This resembles a bottle, and you can pour a drink...



Vanishing Coke Bottle, DELUXE Visible Self Drinking Bottle - Coke
Vanishing Coke Bottle, DELUXEVisible Self Drinking Bottle - Coke
The bottle disappearing in a tube has been on the market for a long time, but this NEW model has liquid inside (you see it splashing) and it even has the real, rounded closed bottom. You cannot see any difference from an ordinary bottle even from...Visible Self Drinking Bottle (video24) $40 — VISIBLE Watch the magic happen!!!! The bottle that visibly drinks itself! Astound your spectators!! The Coke bottle begins full of soda, slowly the soda decreases in plain view, AMAZING!!! Far too many...



Airborne Budweiser Bottle Airborne Champagne Bottle
Airborne Budweiser Bottle Airborne Champagne Bottle
Lance Burton performed Airborne on TV & Killed 'em!Lance Burton performed Airborne on TV & Killed 'em!



Airborne, Magnetic - Coke w/ Ultra Glass Bottoms Up by Tom Burgoon
Airborne, Magnetic - Coke w/ Ultra GlassBottoms Up by Tom Burgoon
Lance Burton performed Airborne on TV & Killed 'em! Includes the NEW & IMPROVED Ultra GLASS! Check Out DemoAn unseen force causes an ordinary empty water bottle to levitate and stand upright in the palm of your hand! No threads, wires or magnets! The effect can be performed completely surrounded! You can even borrow the bottle!



Coin In Bottle (U.S. Half Dollar) Glass Mirage
Coin In Bottle (U.S. Half Dollar)Glass Mirage
A coin is borrowed from a spectator. The coin is then seen to penetrate a soda pop bottle and can be visibly examined inside the bottle.This item will never see the inside of a dark drawer, because you will carry it practically everywhere! So pick up the GM today, and start creating Mirages everywhere you go!



Happy Hour Multiplying Bottles - Martini
Happy HourMultiplying Bottles - Martini
To the surprise of the audience, the performer opens the paper bag that was standing on the table amazingly the same drink that he thought of is inside the paper bag.There are bottles everywhere! Check out the demo by Greg Bordner on this top notch effect.



Tricky Bottles - Mak
Tricky Bottles - Mak
12 Ounce Version of a Classic U.F. Grant Two bottles and two metal covers are used. A spectator uses one set and you use the other. Both covers are shown empty and then placed over the bottles. They are inverted back and forth, the spectator...


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