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Tops Treasury of Illusions Tops Treasury of Thimble Magic
Tops Treasury of IllusionsTops Treasury of Thimble Magic
There are very few books in magic dealing with the subject of stage illusions. Most secrets and workshop plans or blueprints sell for several dollars for each illusion.Tops Treasury of Thimble Magic



Ventriloquism of Today World of Super Mentalism - Becker
Ventriloquism of TodayWorld of Super Mentalism - Becker
This is the first book in years on the subject and the most practical as well as the most clearly explained treatise in this area. For the first time is revealed Paul Stadleman’s humming, droning and buzzing - being able to sustain the sound for a minute or more with no variation in tone!At last a big book containing a collection of mind staggering demonstrations of ESP by one of the best creative mentalists.



241 - 244 of 244 items