Billiard Balls

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Abbotts Ball clip Billiard Ball Stand
Abbotts Ball clipBilliard Ball Stand
Very simple in construction but one hundred percent practical for holding a ball (billiard, golf, hank ball etc.). The gimmick consists of spring wire loops attached to a pin which will attach to any part of the clothing.Simply magnificent stage magic apparatus. Manufactured by Petrie Lewis, this billiard ball stand is 18" tall with beautiful finish. Perfect presentation apparatus that completes any magic collection. One solid red ball in the center, all others...



New Tournament Manipulating Balls Finale (House of Fakini) Practical Ball Dropper
New Tournament Manipulating Balls Finale (House of Fakini)Practical Ball Dropper
New Tournament Manipulating Balls Finale (House of Fakini) $95 — A single set of four RED-ORANGE manipulating billiard balls designed for a flash finale finish. These have a smooth finish—not dimpled golf balls—and are about 1.5 inches in...As the name implies, a practical device to hold up to four balls for production. Of cloth and plastic construction, this gimmick pins under the coat or costume and delivers one ball at a time into the performer’s hand. Where possible, state the size of the ball to be used in the holder.



Abbotts Ball Clutch Vanisher Abbotts Flash Four Ball Production
Abbotts Ball Clutch VanisherAbbotts Flash Four Ball Production
This is the ideal fake to vanish any sized ball or egg. Sure grip prongs make this a foolproof vanish, utilizing the pull principle. Spring steel construction.A great finish to The Multiplying Golf Balls. Easy to do, no diffcult moves. Made of plastic.



Abbotts Perpetual Balls New Tournament Diminishing Golf Ball (House of Fakini)
Abbotts Perpetual BallsNew Tournament Diminishing Golf Ball (House of Fakini)
An intriguing close-up or stage effect.Constructed in the same high-quality fashion as the New Tournament Multiplying Golf Balls by Fakini. Original instructions and full routine by Carl Ballantine. ONLY 1 AVAILABLE.



1 - 8 of 8 items