Best Card Tricks - Ellis Stanyon

Best Card Tricks - Ellis Stanyon
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Early in the 20th century, the venerable British magician Ellis Stanyon set himself the formidable task of recording "every trick yet published in any book or magical magazine." He called this compendium A Dictionary of Magical Effects, and published it in monthly installments in his Magic newsletter, which billed itself as "the Oldest in the World devoted solely to the interests of Magicians, Jugglers, Hand Shadowists, Ventriloquists, Lightning Cartoonists and Specialty Entertainers."

Karl Fulves, the prolific and accomplished scholar of magic, has culled the issues of this rare periodical to bring to the reader over 600 of the very best of Ellis Stanyon's card tricks and techniques, as fresh and pertinent today as they were at their inception. Appealing equally to amateurs and experts and all levels in between, Mr. Stanyon begins with clear and concise variations on simple methods of discovering and revealing a chosen card; he moves on to the more challenging and brilliantly conceived card tricks utilizing mathematical calculation, as well as card tricks via arrangement, confederates, card reading, and special prepared cards; he also covers forcing, stripped and cornered packs, the long and wide card; principles of sleight of hand, various methods of palming, changing, false shuffles and cuts; and finally, the book's finale details ornamental sleights and flourishes.

Ellis Stanyon's original text consists of step-by-step instructions for each and every trick discussed; interspersed throughout is Mr. Fulves' commentary and updates, accompanied by easy-to-follow diagrams. All these elements combine to enable you to successfully perform a host of mystifying manipulations that will baffle laypersons and professional magicians alike. 160 black and white illustrations. 336 pages, paperbound.