Bag4Life (25 CENT US Quarter and Online Instructions)

Bag4Life (25 CENT US Quarter and Online Instructions)
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  • Item #: BAG4LIFE_US
  • Manufacturer: Murphys
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Price $70.00

This is Bag4Life, created by the brilliant Mark Bendell. Imagine showing two coins INSIDE a sealed, zip-locked bag and asking the spectator to name any of the coins. Now slowly and visibly, by your fingertips, you pull one of the coins right through the plastic and into your hand!

Now for the brand-new kicker that takes it to another level … The magician takes the coin and throws it visibly back INSIDE the bag and then hands the coins and bag out to be examined! The perfect lead-in to another coin routine! Comes with special coin, full instructional DVD, and zip lock bag. BONUS: Also featuring Lee Smith’s one coin routine & Gary and Mark’s new handling performed and taught by Issy Simpson from America’s Got Talent.