Astro Levitation

Astro Levitation
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  • Item #: ABBQUOastrolev
  • Manufacturer: Abbotts/Chadwick
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Price $7,500.00
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A lovely lady is hypnotized and placed on a couch. At the magicians command she is seen to rise slowly from the couch and remain suspended in mid-air without any visible means of support. The performer passes a solid hoop over and around the floating figure. The couch is removed and the magician walks completely around the figure. Slowly the girl descends back to her former position on the couch. She is awakened and takes her bow.

Remember, there is no vibration and no jerky motion. This new model works smoothly and easily. There is no effort on the part of the operator. The cradle supplied is another innovation as it is easy and comfortable for the girl. The entire outfit is made of metal ... and, there are no attachments to the floor ... set it anywhere, even if the floor is in bad condition it makes no difference as this as all been taken care of in the construction. The "lift" is mounted on locking casters. Delivered complete with couch and metal hoop.