Alien Vegetation From Outer Space

Alien Vegetation From Outer Space
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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We present the strange case of the Alien Vegetation from Outer Space effect. In this effect the magician claims aliens have visited the earth and are planting seedpods with incredibly high growth rates throughout the planet. The thing is, the seedpods need darkness, not sunlight to flourish. The magician shows one of the alien seedpods, then shows an empty tube which he uses to cover the seedpod and place it into total darkness. Before you can say Flash Gordon, the alien seedpod has grown to several times the size of the tube. Had the magician left the seed in darkness there is no telling how large it would have grown. With that the magician issues a warning to the audience to enjoy a good night sleep tonight, because once the darkness hits, the planet will be over run by Alien Vegetation from Outer Space.

The people of the earth have named this alien vegetation "The Super Botania". Aliens not included.