Aerial Suspension - Abbotts Workshop Plans

Aerial Suspension - Abbotts Workshop Plans
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  • Item #: ABaersus
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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A most effective form of levitation that can be presented with spectators on all sides. The magician displays an ordinary looking broom, inserting the handle end to the platform. A girl assistant stands on a small stool and rests her arm on the straw of the broom. The performer makes several hypnotic passes over the girl and removes the stool. Then he lifts the girl by her feet to an angled position; then to a horizontal position without any support other than the broom straw. She reclines as pictured in the illustration. The stool is replaced, the girl is lowered and dehypnotized. She walks away from the illusion amidst the applause and wonder of the onlookers.