Abbotts Zombie Case

Abbotts Zombie Case
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  • Item #: ABBzomcase
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $60.00
An awe-inspiring opening effect, created by Carlos Colombi, for the mysterious Zombie floating ball. The chest enhances the entire Zombie presentation by adding animation to the routine before the silver ball even appears! The chest entirely eliminates all worry in regards to attaching or detaching the ball and the gimmick. NOTE: This effect does not include the Zombie floating ball, gimmick, routine or silk foulard. The Case of the Mysterious Zombie is sold as a separate item for those who already own an Abbot Zombie. This chest is also a perfect container in which to transport your Zombie ball, thus preventing if from becoming dented, etc. The wooden chest is highly lacquered in red, black, and gold. The chest can be setting on a table or an assistant may carry it in. The magician opens the top twin doors, then displays a silk foulard and covers the chest with this cloth. After a few mysterious gestures a movement is seen to manifest itself under the cloth! Slowly a form is seen to rise upward under the cloth. A silver ball peeks over the edge of the silk as the magician performs the famous Zombie routine. At the conclusion, the ball mysteriously sinks back into the chest, the cloth is removed and the performer closes the lids and takes his bow.