Abbotts Zombie

Abbotts Zombie
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A ball is on the magician's table. A silver ball. Like a mirror it reflects the many lights about it. The shadows about the ball reflect like hollow depths. A cloth is shown on both sides. The ball is covered. The performer holds two corners of the cloth. Slowly and unbelievably the form of the ball rises , taking the cloth with it. It rises up, up, until it is clear of the table. Then, the ball floats away from the table, under the cloth, and now it sinks down, out of sight leaving the cloth limp in the performer's hands. But wait! It now slowly floats up and into the view - towards the performer! He steps backwards, then towards the audience. The ball and the cloth follow his movements. The ball disappears behind the cloth and then up, up, and still up until the cloth is almost out of the performer's reach. With his hands high, the magician may turn showing all sides. With a lot of apparent concentration he guides the ball down. Down to the table and back onto the base, its resting place. The cloth is removed and the ball is now at rest.

This is a one-man effect. The performer has absolute control over the ball at all times. The cloth is unprepared. This is the most amazing floating ball ever produced. It can be worked in full stage light. There is no need to dim the lighting as with the old fashioned floating ball method. Comes complete with the original Karson instructions, ball, base, and gimmick. No cloth is supplied. This effect is suitable for club, living room or stage. Highly recommended.