Abbotts Ultimate Dove Vanish

Abbotts Ultimate Dove Vanish
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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The late Jack Gwynne, world renowned as one of America?s greatest masters of magic, was forever creating and refining magical effects. In one of his final performances, before a convention of magicians, he performed what many believed to be his own classic - The Tipover Vanish - an effect whose method is well known to many magicians. But his climax to this effect was so surprising and so sensational that his bewildered audience responded with a standing ovation! Jack Gwynne had done it again! The Abbott Magic Company takes great pride in offering this magical masterpiece to its customers.

A beautifully decorated box is seen resting on a thin topped table. The box measures 12" x 8" x 6". The lid of the box is opened and six live doves are placed inside the box. The magician takes the box from the table and holds it between his hands with a finger inserted into a hole fitted into each end of the box. With a spinning motion, the tip and bottom of the box are allowed to fall open - the doves have vanished! The box is now slowly shown on all sides - it could even be passed for examination - the doves have truly completely vanished! Jack Gwynne did not make this improvement on his own creation just to fool other magicians. He did it because the improvements greatly enhance the mystery and make it possible to perform the effect completely surrounded! We supply you with the table base, the table top, the box and the instructions!