Abbotts Slick Tie

Abbotts Slick Tie
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  • Item #: ABBslcktie
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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With two volunteers assisting the magician is tied. One single rope is used and it is passed around both legs and then around both wrists and fairly knotted. A spectator is asked to remove his coat and to place it over the the legs and wrists. Quick as a wink, the performer?s hand appears outside the coat. The coat is removed but the wrists and legs are still secured and the knots are intact. A glass of liquid is placed onto the tied hands. A hand appears from under the coat and the magician drinks the contents of the glass - then the liquid mysteriously reappears back in the glass. When the coat is removed the magician is free and the rope has vanished! It is both mystifying and humorous. Complete with rope, glasses, gimmick and instructions.