Abbotts Paper Magic

Abbotts Paper Magic
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Here are over forty of the most unusual, unique and amazing new tricks that can be worked with paper. This is a new and untouched field. Paper tricks are easy to carry and are most effective. A few of the outstanding effects are:

The performer makes a paper fir tree - and then actually climbs it! A cabinet is made from paper - shown empty - and a girl crashes through it from apparently nowhere! A paper bag escape - under test conditions! A Challenge Slow Motion Torn Cigarette Paper which will baffle well informed magicians! The Wad Catching Bullet Trick! Making a dress for your assistant! The Malini Torn Cigarette Paper! The new torn magazine page! Mickey Mouse Steps Out of the Funnies! Paper Pictures! Flag Cremation! Sun and Moon! Wall Paper Trick! Cleo?s Slaves! Nu Clippo routine and many more!