Abbotts Odd Triple

Abbotts Odd Triple
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Magicians are always looking for a good silk routine. This effect is novel and smooth. It requires a minimum of skill as all details are explained thoroughly. The effect may be performed silently, to music or you can adapt patter for it. It is highly visual and fast- paced. Three silks, two of the same color (say blue ) and a third of a contrasting color (say yellow) are tied together, end to end, diagonally, in a chain. The yellow silk is at one end. For children's shows you explain that the yellow silk will untie itself and jump over to the other end and tie itself onto that end. The silks are placed behind your back and you bring them out the opposite way. After doing this bit of monkey business a few times you hold the silks in front of you, triangle fashion. An amazing transposition takes place. You are seen holding the two blue silks by their corners and all three silks share a knot in the center - the yellow silk hangs down from both the blue silks in a "Y" fashion. One more flourish and the silks are once again seen tied in a chain, end to end -but with a difference! The yellow silk is now securely tied in the center - between the two blue silks. This is a great effect for a silent act. Dove workers will love it as at the finish they can steal a dove and produce it from the silks. A puzzling and beautiful piece of magic. Comes complete with 18" silks and routine. Note: Colors mentioned in this description may not match your set but each trick will consist of two like colored silks and one contrasting color silk.