Abbotts Miracle Pitcher

Abbotts Miracle Pitcher
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  • Item #: ABBmirpit
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $150.00
Here is what this pitcher will do. You pour milk into a paper cone--the paper cone is opened and the milk has vanished. What's that? You already have a milk pitcher? All right, then read on and we feel sure you will retire your old pitcher right away. Abbott's Miracle Milk Pitcher has the following features: You never need to fill it. You never need to clean it. There is no preparation. It is always ready to work. In a fraction of a second the pitcher becomes filled. Practically unbreakable--made from crystal clear lucite plastic. It's diameter is approximately four inches and apparent capacity one and one-half quarts. be done anywhere, surrounded and within a few feet of spectators. The effect can be repeated immediately. The Miracle Milk Pitcher is always ready and you don't have to be super careful when pouring. Just pour in a natural and easy manner. There's nothing to worry about--the milk can't spill--ever! You deserve the best, and so does your audience. This is the best!