Abbott's Magic And The American Side Show

Abbott's Magic And The American Side Show
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Authored by Abbotts Magic, Introduction by Keith Stickley

When you hear the term “side show” what does it bring to mind? For some, maybe an old movie or television show comes to mind (The X Files “Humbug” episode for example). For others, maybe Fairs and Circuses come to mind, after all PT Barnum is credited with creating the side show well over a hundred years ago.

For most of us at Abbott’s, the term “side show” means “Living Heads”, “Spider Girls”, and even “Electric Chairs” – All magical illusions that were built and sold by Abbott’s during the past century to sideshow performers across the United States (workshop plans to all three are included in this publication).

While many remember side shows for presenting “human oddities”, side shows were also known for presenting “working acts” which included fire eaters, sword swallowers, and magicians performing effects like the “Girl without a Head” and the “Girl in a Fishbowl” - illusions built and sold by Abbott’s (workshop plans are included in this publication).

The secrets, the mystery, and the magic of the side show art now brought to you in one publication. You will go behind the scenes and travel into the past to a time where side shows would travel the United States performing their mysteries.

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm) Black & White on White paper Nearly 500 pages