Abbotts Live Stock Vanish - Stadelman

Abbotts Live Stock Vanish - Stadelman
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  • Item #: ABBstadlivstckvn
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $195.00

This apparatus consists of a small cabinet fitted with a removable front panel. The rabbit or dove to be vanished is placed in the cabinet and is clearly visible to the audience as the front panel of the cabinet is a decorative open framework. The front separate panel is placed in the cabinet and a few seconds later is removed. The livestock has vanished! The front panel is shown on both sides and the hand and forearm are passed completely through the cabinet as in the illustration. The cabinet is shown back and front. This is one hundred percent convincing and this is one of the cleanest vanishes you will ever use. No hanging bags. Self-contained and can be done surrounded. Created by Paul Stadelman.