Abbotts Knots Off Silk

Abbotts Knots Off Silk
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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This is a pretty and appealing magical creation. A twenty-four inch silk is shown. It is rolled and twisted rope fashion and a single knot is tied in the center. The performer gives the silk a slight shake and the knot slides downward! He continues this shaking action and the knot slides lower and lower - until it drops off the silk at the bottom corner! This effect may be immediately repeated - again and again! Remember that the knots are tied in full view of the audience, yet they come off. (Many performers, for a comedy finish, will open out the silk handkerchief at the conclusion of the knot sliding sequence, to show three holes in the silk, as if the actual material of the departed knots came from the body of the silk square. The individual purchaser may cut these holes himself - the 24" silk supplied is shipped whole.) Complete with silk, necessary accessories, routine, ideas and instructions.