Abbotts Jasons Coin Box

Abbotts Jasons Coin Box
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  • Item #: ABBjascoibox
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $100.00
An Abbott Exclusive - The performer removes his favorite coins from a beautiful wooden box, he then performs any routine with them and at the end of the coin routine the coins are vanished one by one, or all at once and they reappear in the empty box that they were just dumped out of. The routine included in the instructions even has a variation with signed coins and a reproduction from the box.

You will no doubt be looking at this simple box and wondering, what? This is a great utility prop that will allow the user to do so much. The idea occurred to me while performing my favorite coin routines when at the end I placed the coins in my pocket. The thought that if I could really perform killer coin magic why then did I just put the coins in my pocket with my hand? So then I started to toss around the ideas of how to make the coins vanish after my favorite coin routine and have them reappear in the container I had removed them from. The this idea struck me. No doubt you will notice after performing your favorite coin routine that this is a really great way to close it!