Abbott's Illusions Printed Book (Complete Workshop Plans)

Abbott's Illusions Printed Book (Complete Workshop Plans)
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $50.00

Currently Abbott's has over 50 workshop plans available at $5 each plus shipping or $4 each for download. If you were to download every Abbott workshop plan it would cost over $200 and well over $250 if you were to have Abbott's ship them to you. This book includes all the workshop plans plus about twenty or so more. These are the same plans sold for 4 or 5 dollars each, except they are printed (in alphabetical order) in this book with about 460 pages!

Workshop plans to over 80 magic illusions including Aga Levitation, Alien Intruder, Arabian Tent, Artists Dream, Asrah Levitation, Asrah Thurston Version, Barrel Escape, Basket Girl, Boy to Rabbit Illusion, Broom Levitation, burned Alive, Buzz Saw, Cage Illusion, Caliphs Cutter, Canvas Case Illusion, Casadega Cabinet, Chest of Enchantment, Chest of Mystery, Chinese Chopper, Chinese Idol, Choplevi, Costume Trunk, Cutting a Girl into Sixths, Cyclops, Dancing Slippers Illusion, Devil Illusion Dagger Chest, Divided Lady Illusion, Dog Vanish, Doll House Illusion, Doll House Miniature, Dramatique, Drum Illusion, Electric Chair, Electric Light Bulbs Through Girl, Enchanted Tent, Farmer and the Witch, Farmers Daughter, Fireplace Illusion, Frame of Life and Death, Gallows Illusion, Ghost Walks, Girl in Fishbowl, Girl Vanish, Girl Without a Middle, Guillotine, Haunted House, Head on Sword, Headless Woman, Invulnerable Lady, Knifer Illusion, levitation Deluxe, Living Half Lady, Living Head, Mabel Illusion, Magician Ghost and Girl, Man Without A Head, Mignon Illusion, Missing Body Illusion, Modern Cabinet, Modernistic Amputation, Mummy Cloth of the Nile, Packing Box Escape, Palanquin, Phantasmo Illusion, Rapps Spirit Cabinet, Satans Seat, Sawing a Girl in Half, Seaside Mystery Seeing Through a Girl, Shredder Illusion, Shrunken Head Illusion, Slick Post (Totem Pole), Spider Girl (Spidora), Spike Illusion, Stocks of Zanzibar, Surprise Appearance, Sword Box, Tabouret Illusion, Temple of Benares, Through and Through, Twin Box Illusion, Up and Down Oriental Cabinets, Vanishing Girl, Walking through a steel plate, Wheres that Gal.