Abbotts Haunted Hank

Abbotts Haunted Hank
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  • Item #: ABBhaunthank
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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The magician rolls up his sleeves, takes out a pocket handkerchief and, holding it away from the body at all times, and without adding anything or taking anything away, the hank stands up straight, shoots over to one side and then to the other. Its alive! It jumps! Its ticklish! Its acrobatic! There are no threads-no wires-no practice-no worry. This is self-contained and practically works itself. It defies detection and is a clean cut effect.

A hoop is passed over the hank in all directions. It is crushed in the hands and it immediately shoots up and stands straight again. Tickle it and it squirms. Place it into a hat and it leaps out over the edge or high into the air. Again it stands upright or takes a bow towards the audience. Without stealing anything away you can immediately pass it out for thorough examination. Complete with handkerchief and illustrated instructions.