Abbotts Hathaway Handkerchief Cabinet

Abbotts Hathaway Handkerchief Cabinet
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  • Item #: ABBhathhankcab
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $150.00
This may be the world's greatest mystery with a borrowed handkerchief! The performer requests the loan of a gentleman's white handkerchief. It may be marked, if desired, for later identification. However, the handkerchief never leaves the sight of the audience - never! The diagonal corners are run through the end slots of the supplied cabinet as in the illustration. The hank is pulled back and forth. After suitable patter about the similarity of cutting a woman into halves and cutting a handkerchief into halves - in full view of the audience (and the owner of the hank) the magician cuts out the entire center section of the handkerchief. The front door of the cabinet is then closed - but remember the ends of the hank are still in view.

The cutout portion is tossed into the cabinet. A spectator is asked to tug on one of the protruding ends - and the other end immediately moves! The door drops open and the handkerchief is completely restored! The spectator may remove it from the cabinet himself. We know this sounds impossible but that's is exactly what happens. Remember, a borrowed handkerchief is used - it can be marked - no sleight of hand is required the handkerchief never leaves the sight of the audience. A necktie, ribbon or long thin stocking may also be used. A stunner!