Abbotts Gloves to Bouquet

Abbotts Gloves to Bouquet
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  • Item #: ABBglvesbouq
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $85.00
SOLD OUT BUT TAKING ORDERS The magician enters either wearing a pair of white gloves or carrying them. If worn, they are removed and in a natural manner they are placed together and thrown into the air. The transformation that follows is startling! In place of the gloves is a beautiful bouquet which the performer catches and places on display. Certain applause will greet this opening effect. A clever gimmick is responsible for disposing of the gloves and at the same time bringing about the transformation to the bouquet. There are no attachments to the gloves, no pulls, no elastics. The bouquet, created at Abbotts has four blooms in dazzling, bright, variegated colors. The height and spread of the bouquet is approximately nine inches.