Abbotts Flower Surprise

Abbotts Flower Surprise
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  • Item #: ABBflwrsrprz
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $200.00
Here is a beautiful and artistic magical effect. An artists palette decorates a wooden panel. Five white silks are seen occupying the spaces usually reserved for the colored paints. A small cabinet is shown empty (continually throughout the presentation) and the white silks are passed, one by one, through this cabinet. As the silks emerge they have been dyed in bright colors! Each silk is replaced in the vacant space in the palette. Up to this point the magician has performed a clean-cut silk dyeing effect - one requiring no skill and little practice to accomplish.

The displaying of the silks in the palette is both artistic and logical. But, that?s not all! The climax comes when all the silks are seen to have formed a colorful painting of a bouquet of flowers! This transformation is terrific! Super deluxe apparatus at a reasonable price. A masterpiece of simplicity and beauty. This self-contained effect is one you'll love to own. You get everything: ten silk handkerchiefs, the silk dyeing cabinet, the large panel (15"x 12") and the support base. All wood construction finished in hard lacquers. A gorgeous and eye-appealing effect that will be a hit in your show!