Abbotts Flashy Tub of Flowers

Abbotts Flashy Tub of Flowers
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  • Item #: ABBflshytubflwr
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $1,400.00
This spectacular production can be performed surrounded by spectators. The magician displays a fancy cloth (not supplied) and this cloth is thrown over one arm. The performer places this object onto a small table. When the cloth is removed a large and fancy metal tub full of flowers is seen. The tub is larger in diameter than the table top. To the further amazement of all, two live doves are produced out of the flower growth. This is a real surprise. This is perfect magic! Easy to do! No body loads! Diameter of the tub is 12". Height of the tub is 6". Total height of the flower growth and tub is 17". The table base is an Abbott?s Supersonic model. Note: Price does not include cloth cover or doves.