Abbotts Elusive Bunny Box Standard

Abbotts Elusive Bunny Box Standard
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  • Item #: ABBbnnybxstnd
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $400.00
Dimension 13" Wide, 8" High, 13" Depth

Abbott's Elusive Bunny Box $400 - The Abbott vintage classic is new again! We are proud to announce and showcase, once again, the Elusive Bunny Box. Introduced many decades ago by Wally Reid, this rabbit production box is not only very deceptive on stage, but very easy to do, and simply a beautiful, well-constructed prop to add to your act. Order yours now before these are once again elusive from Abbott's!

This effect can be a feature in your repertoire! It can be performed surrounded, no angles to worry about. It can be performed at any time during your show. The performer displays a box and opens its two front doors. Inside the box is a silk handkerchief. This is removed and displayed. It bears the stenciled drawing of a rabbit. The silk is replaced in the box and a corner of the silk is poked out of a hole in the box lid. The front doors are closed--the silk is removed and when again displayed the drawing of the rabbit has disappeared! The front doors are opened and filling the box is a live rabbit! The box will hold a five or six pound rabbit! Silk can be supplied with either a rabbit or a dove design--specify when ordering.