Abbott’s Daring Spring Trap Un-Plated (Abbott’s Magic)

Abbott’s Daring Spring Trap Un-Plated (Abbott’s Magic)
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Includes Gordon Miller’s “Let’s Take A Chance!” Daring Spring Trap routine.

A spring trap is shown. The device is set and the performer shows the effectiveness of the trap by placing a pencil (or pretzel stick or bread stick) between the heavy spring jaws. The trap is sprung - Bang! - breaking the pencil (or shattering the pretzel or bread stick) The trap is re-set and the magician places his hand near the trap - withdraws it and continues speaking to the audience about the trap. This back and forth by-play continues a number of times and, when the tension is at its highest, the magician actually places his hand into the trap which springs shut. The spectators may assist in removing the performer's UNHARMED hand from the trap. A truly unique piece of entertainment!