Abbott’s Chapeaugraphy

Abbott’s Chapeaugraphy
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Abbott’s Chapeaugraphy (Abbott’s Magic) $50 — CHAPEAUGRAPHY: The art of transforming a simple (though prepared using a very heavy-duty hat-felt material) ring of felt into shapes that resemble different hats, accompanying each change of hat with appropriate facial expressions. Types of hats that can be created include, but not limited to: pirate’s hat, naval captain’s hat, cowboy hat, mortarboard (graduation cap), derby hat (bonnet), nun’s head-wear, baseball cap, jester, Mickey Mouse ears … almost anything inventive that you can imagine!

The art has been practiced infrequently since the middle of the eighteenth century, the first performer of which there is record being Tabarin, a French comedian, who, in addition to the felt ring, used actor’s make-up and wigs to achieve his characterizations. One feature of the modern presentation is that the performer in effecting the characterizations relies wholly upon the manipulation of the felt ring, its proper folding, and in addition, the ability to mobilize facial expressions to fit each character.

We provide you with the uniquely designed, cut-and-sewn, heavy-duty “ring of felt,” professionally manufactured by hand, right here in the Abbott’s Magic Company workshop. Plus, the vintage manuscript of Abbott instructions that describe and illustrate a certain sequence of folds, that progress from the simplest to more complex designs that allow the individual performer to devise their own routine and develop their own chapeau designs and characterizations. Text and illustrations by Abbott’s own celebrated magic illustrator, the late Howard Melson. This is an Abbott’s Magic classic, now back in stock for the first time in many years. Grab your own fantastic ring of felt while you can!