Abbotts Bryce's Screen

Abbotts Bryce's Screen
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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You invite spectators onto the stage to inspect and to remain behind the screen all through the presentation. Not only that but the screen is turned completely around, bringing the back to the front. The screen is then closed, thus forming a cabinet. Remember, the spectators are still at the back of the screen or they can move freely around it. It must seem unbelievable as you read this. Nevertheless, it?s true. The folded screen is opened disclosing a young lady - or a man - or Santa Claus - or the President of the company for whom you are doing a trade show, etc.

We didn?t believe it was this good until we made it up and tried it. It?s truly magnificent magic! Ingeniously made to break down to a package six feet long by eighteen inches wide and only six inches deep! Now every wideawake performer can pack this illusion in his car along with the rest of his show. Each frame is made of one-half inch plywood. There are no bolts or hinges - no hardware of any kind. Bryce?s Screen is quickly assembled. The cloth covering is in a combination of colors and is made to slip on over the wooden pieces. A perfect background for the act and at the same time it is a marvelous illusion!

Understand that no special costumes are used to bring about the above effect. No special background. You can do it in front of a brick wall, and you don?t have to worry about angles, etc. If you are doing a long act the screen can be used as a background and the illusion used as a closing feature.

Another presentation is to do the illusion without spectators on stage. Screen is turned so both back and front are shown, then folded and then the appearance of the girl. There are no tricky moves when showing both sides of the screen. Still another method is for the magician to don a costume and show the screen. He leaves the stage. Assistant enters and opens the screen and a figure emerges. When the costume is removed it discloses the magician!

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David Seebach wrote this on 18 Nov 2008

The Bryce's Screen Illusion arrived safely on Wednesday. Thanks for getting it out to me so I can rehearse it this weekend for some holiday shows over Thanksgiving weekend. It looks good and I'm really surprised how deceptive it is. Our little almost-six-year-old twins had fun "appearing" and "disappearing" after breakfast this morning.

David Seebach

Don Juan wrote this on 18 OCT 2007

Dear Abbott's Magic:

The Bryce's Screen worked out very well. I had a client that wanted me to make him disappear in a nightclub. He and I were very satisfied with the results.

Nothing else would work. The place had low ceilings, people were everywhere, the stages where designed with very narrow exits and 2 foot drops. The conventional heavy and bulky illusions where not an option.

It only took a minimum of training for the extra helper.

I was able to set up in no time flat with people right at my elbows. When the client disappeared people were asking where did he go and we were completely surrounded.

Thanks for suggesting a wonderful illusion that packs quickly, is well built, and is very versatile.

Don Juan