ABBOTTS DOWNLOAD SPECIAL - Grants Secret Service Collection

ABBOTTS DOWNLOAD SPECIAL - Grants Secret Service Collection
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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All 24 Grant's Secrets Service are available in one download.

Aerial Fishing: Catching live goldfish on the end of a line. Any pole and line, items from local stores.

Dramatic Pantomime Torn Card: Card tossed into the air, caught and torn into small pieces. Visibly restored, again tossed into the air. Card actually torn, not pulled apart like old methods.

Nu-Questions Answering: Written questions sealed in envelopes, collected and mixed. Place each to head and answer. No one-ahead, switching, chemicals or assistants.

De Lawrence Cards to Pocket: Ten cards pass to pocket one at a time with no palming.

Jumbo Cards to Pocket: A new big quickie. Five Jumbo cards covered with a silk, three pass into the pocket.

Giant Fish Production: Newspaper shown, folded in half and tipped up and a large (12" long) live fish slides out into a bowl of water. You can get these fish at aquarium and pet stores. Sensational.

Nu-Knot in Silk or Hanky: You will love this new way. No practice. You can even have a coin appear inside the knot.

Slate Design: They draw a design on a slate, behind your back.. You instantly know which one. No mirrors or reflectors. Reveal it any way desired.

Challenge Slate Writing: Two slates washed off and shown on all four sides. Tied together they are later opened to show a white chalk message. No flaps. No switch. Just the two slates, washed and shown on all four sides.

Bill-Egg & Walnut: They copy down serial numbers on a bill. (No numbers changed in this trick.) The bill vanishes. An egg is broken in a glass dish and a walnut falls out of same. Inside the walnut is the bill with the same serial number.

Grant's Altar Lite: A lighted candle will not burn fingers, bills, silk or whatnot. Can placed over it becomes transparent. Flame penetrates the bottom of a tumbler and burns in water inside. Nothing to build. Items available in local department store.

Escape From Any Handcuff: No picks or sets of keys needed. They lock the cuffs on you. You step out of sight and in a minute or so, return the cuffs to them still locked and you are out. Also, a Houdini method. How Houdini actually escaped from jail cells.

Real Secret of Muscle Reading: Sometimes called ?Hellstromism?. Grant No-Contact that works. No theory. You pick out items people merely think of. Do not whisper or write anything down.

Resista-Girl You Can Not Lift: A feature. They cannot lift your skinny girl assistant. She does not touch them. She can keep increasing her weight.

Flower Pot Trick: Produce a real artificial plant (so popular now), in an empty flower pot. Fill empty pot with earth, cover with second pot, pull away to reveal a beautiful plant. Not feather flowers.

Williston Stop Card Trick: Cards passed through the air from hat to hat. They stop you midway, on any cards, and they prove to be previously selected cards.

Grant's Card Stabbing: Anyone wraps a deck of cards in newspaper.object. They can hold the package while anyone stabs the deck. The deck is parted at that point and the cards on each side of the knife are the previously selected cards. The third selection is found in performer's wallet.

Ali-Axiom Blindfold: Large sheet of cotton is glued around nose and eyes with real glue, by anyone. Then a blind fold goes over all. Still you see to drive a car or do the X-ray Eye Act.

Scarne Impromptu Bug on Paper: Sheet of paper that you have marked the alphabet on is held upright and a small bug is placed on same. It clings to the paper and runs around spelling out words. No threads or wires. Do it closeup.

Houdini Fooled: U.F. Grant had the pleasure of fooling the great Houdini with this at a magic party in Albany, NY many years ago. You hide anything, where they say. The lights are turned out and the assistant comes in and finds the object. They hold on to you so you cannot help.

Headlines in Cement Block: Prediction in vial and tin can sealed in a block of cement which they keep. On the evening of the show they bring it up, crack it open, remove the prediction which is what was in the headlines that day. You do not touch a thing, they do it all.

Nail Bending: An examined, ungimmicked heavy nail, when held in your hands, bends.

Dancing Broom: Walk in anyplace, sit in a chair and place a broom upright on the floor between your spread legs and it stands. The broom then dances around; especially good with music. Your hands have nothing to do with it.

Nu-Torn Cigarette: Better than former methods, easy to do. Cigarette is removed from pack and torn in half, halves held far apart. Halves put back together, the cigarette is restored, examined and smokes. Just one cigarette used.