ABBOTTS DOWNLOAD SPECIAL - Complete Workshop Plans

ABBOTTS DOWNLOAD SPECIAL - Complete Workshop Plans
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $300.00
Currently Abbott's has 51 workshop plans available at $5 each plus shipping or $4 each for download. If you were to download every workshop plan it would cost over $200 and well over $250 if you were to have Abbott's ship them to you. Lets add in two popular illusion books (downloads), "Illusion Illusion" and "Illusion Show Know How" and the total cost would be well over $300.

Lets take a closer look at what you get

ILLUSION ILLUSION - A great collection of magical illusions - most with complete and detailed workshop plans. Abbott’s book, “ILLUSIONS! ILLUSIONS!”, contains the following: The complete workshop plans for: BARREL ESCAPE - CALIPH’S CUTTER - CANVAS CASE ILLUSION - CYCLOPS LENS - DAGGER CHEST - DEVIL ILLUSION - FARMER’S DAUGHTER - FIRE PLACE ILLUSION - plus the complete text of: “Chinese Magic and Illusions” Bamboo Pole & Box - Baskets-Confetti & Doves - Beads of Chen-Lee - Chinese Chew Tobacco - Chinese Lamp Trick - Chinese Rope Trick - Chinese Screen Trick - Chinese Water Cups Copper Bowl Production - Cup-Silk & Smoke - Cylinder-Water & Fish - Flower Garden Illusion - Gong Silk Production - Here And There - Mystery Foulard - Parasol Ball & Water - Parasol Production - Ribbon And Hat - Screen Mystery - Sensational Bowl Production. Plus, the complete workshop plans for: FRAME OF LIFE AND DEATH - GIRL IN FISH BOWL - GUILLOTINE - LEVITATION DELUXE - MIGNON ILLUSION - MINIATURE DOLL HOUSE - MODERN SWORD CABINET - MUMMY CLOTH OF THE NILE - STAGE PACKING BOX ESCAPE - plus the complete text of: “Fifteen Great Illusions” Best Packing Box Escape - Big Production - Book Of Life - Chen Lee’s Laundry Bag Illusion - Chen Lee’s Screen Illusion - Electric Light Bulbs Through Girl - Girl in the Balloon - Human X-Ray - Ovette’s Sawing Through A Girl - Sensation Buzz Saw Illusion - Two On A Park Bench - Witch’s Broom & Rope Illusion - Girl With The Pincushion Head - Dancing Slippers - Enchanted Tent Illusion. Plus, the complete workshop plans for: UNDERWATER PACKING BOX ESCAPE - PHANTASMO - SEASIDE ILLUSION - SHRUNKEN LIVING HEAD ILLUSION - SPIKE ILLUSION - SURPRISE APPEARANCE - THROUGH AND THROUGH - TWIN BOXES - WALKING THROUGH A STEEL PLATE - WHERE’S THAT GAL? - plus the complete text of: “Night Club Illusions” Chinese Chopper - Cutting A Woman In Half - Golin Illusion - Hindu Basket - Modernistic Amputation - Night Club Girl Vanish - Rod Through Girl - Sword Box.

ILLUSION SHOW KNOW HOW - Here you have all the KNOW-HOW of the ILLUSION SHOW. This will be one of your favorite books. Even though you may never take out “the big one” you’ll be enlightened to its inner workings. Even if you do just a small act you’ll still learn much valuable KNOW-HOW. Several years in preparation, never before has such a complete and authoritative book on touring a big show been published. The profession demanded it. Ken and Roberta Griffin created it and Abbott’s have published it and offer it to you for your enlightenment and glorification.

OVER 50 ABBOTT WORKSHOP PLANS - Print the plans out and you have an instant gift for the magicians in your family. Use paypal and you will be able to download these instantly.

Download is not meant to be resold or re-distributed and is protected by international copyright laws.

Aerial Suspension
Aga Levitation
Arabian Tent
Asrah Levitation
Asrah Thurston Method
Boy to Rabbit
Burned Alive
Buzz Saw
Cage Illusion
Casadega Cabinet
Chest of Enchantment
Chests of Mystery
Chinese Idol Illusion
Costume Trunk
Cutting a Girl in 6
Devils Illusion
Divided Lady
Doll House
Drum Illusion
Farmer and Witch
Ghost Walks
Girl Vanish
Girl Without A Middle
Headless Woman
Head On Sword
Invulnerable Lady
Living Head
Magician Ghost and Girl
Marquis Seaside Mystery
Modern Cabinet
Modernistic Amputation
Mysterious Dog Vanish
Oriental Cabinets
Rapps Cabinet Act
Sawing in Half
Seeing thru A Girl
Slick Post
Spider Girl Illusion
Spike Illusion
Surprise Appearance
Temple of Benares
Twin Box Illusion
Up and Down Cabinets
Vanishing Girl
Wheres That Gal