ABBOTTS DOWNLOAD SPECIAL - Abbotts Parlor Magician Collection

ABBOTTS DOWNLOAD SPECIAL - Abbotts Parlor Magician Collection
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This is one of my favorite packages of downloads because it is the most practical for the parlor magician. This collection will give a person everything he needs to become a practicing parlor magician and enhance those who already are. With this package you will receive the following magic book collections.

Bag O Trix ($10) - Tricks, ideas, gags, presentations, suggestions and routines from a full complement of magical authors. "BAG-O-TRIX" is a collection. It contains the complete texts of many books previously issued separately. Some of these volumes are (and have been) Out Of Print. Some others are in short supply. None will be reprinted as a separate item again. This massive (330+ pages) E-book will be the only source for some of the world's greatest magic. Just look at what you will receive in this collection:

21 Gems of Magic ($4) - Includes an "About the Author" page by Percy Abbott. Pet ideas and effects, only the cream of the crop have been selected. Ormond McGill is the author of this 61 page pdf and describes it as a "Scrapbook of Magic" which includes chapters of Scrapbook Card Effects, Scrapbook Mental Effects, Scrapbook Miscellaneous, Thoughts on Opening and Closing, and a Magical Sensation - Walking through a Keyhole.

Superb Tricks ($7) - A compilation of effects by H Adrian Smith including Modern Card Miracle, Magic Square, Twentieth Century Billiard Ball Trick, and an Effective Handkerchief stretch. 16 effects in all plus a introduction from Percy Abbott.

Tops Treasury of Ball Manipulation($8) - Over 60 routines and effects and over 100 pages in what must surely be one of the greatest books ever conceived on ball manipulation. Contributions by various magicians including Dale Salwak, Ian Adair, Robert Olson, Percy Abbott, Walter Gibson, Charlie Miller, Peter Warlock, James Reneaux, and dozens more.

Tops Treasury of Dove Magic($4) - Tops Treasury of Dove Magic was compiled by none other than Abbotts own Neil Foster. The manuscript is 29 pages long and all about dove magic and also the care of doves

This Is Magic($8) - Written by Loring Campbell this book includes dozens of effects including Card In Egg, Shooting Hank Through Girl, Spirit Slate Test, Spirit Photography, Passe Card and silk, and many more. Very well illustrated (reminds me of reading a Tarbell book).

Coin and Money Magic($10) - There are items for both close-up and stage work; sleights, flourishes and routines. In this illustrated volume you will discover Thirty coin vanishes; Twelve coin changes; Forty-five new moves, tips and gimmicks; Ten combination moves utilizing coins and matches and Thirty-seven close-up tricks and routines. This material, available nowhere else, is a potential “goldmine” for the coin worker!

Strictly Magic Manuscript($4) - Strictly Magic is 8 pages long and was written by Eddie Joseph.

How To Be A Ventriloquist($4) - Adding a little ventriloquism to your act will make it more entertaining.

Sparky's Ballooon Menagerie($4) - Adding a balloon animals to your act will make it more entertaining.

Talk($8) - Within its seventy-nine pages are hundreds of routines and ideas for the talking trixter and magic/ comedian. Purchased separately these six volumes would cost more than twenty-five dollars! Now, this soft cover, printed edition can be yours for a very economical price...thus proving that, once again, "Talk" is cheap!

Professional Touch($10) - Only an experienced performer could write a practical book of this kind. No theories, but facts and tested procedures - that are invaluable when put into practice. Therefore, you are not only getting a book containing original tricks, moves and routines, but information that will pay you dividends, be you beginner, amateur or professional. Written by Donald "Monk" Watson.