ABBOTTS DOWNLOAD SPECIAL - Abbotts Magic Ministers Collection

ABBOTTS DOWNLOAD SPECIAL - Abbotts Magic Ministers Collection
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If you were to buy these downloads separately your cost would be well over $50, but for a limited time we are offering the following 6 Gospel Magic downloads for one low price. We won't even talk about how much they would cost if you bought the actual books. Lets take a look at them.

Lessons in Scripture ($8) - Includes effects such as The Blood of Jesus, I was Only Fooling, The Need For Missionaries, Parable of the Mustard Seed, The Lord Is Risen Indeed, The Power of God, A Christian Gone Sour, Filled With the Goodness of God, The Loaves and Fishes, Full Armor of God, Setting the Example, and A Little Child Shall Lead Them. Also a section called Presenting The Program which helps you put everything together and dress it up.

Magic Gospel Lessons ($4) - Here is a book of real value to the performer who performs gospel magic. Written by Rev. Lawrence Burden, the PDF is 30 pages long and contains 19 chapters including the following:The Creation, Fall, Restoration ; A Witnessing Prisoner ; The Bread of Life ; The Box of Prayer ; The Restored Life ; The Cleansing Channel of Christ ; Choose Ye Whom Ye Shall Serve ; Time is Vanishing ; The Great Commission Go ; and ten more chapters...

Magic Sermonettes ($8) - Written and compiled by Aldini there are 24 routines in this book for Magic Ministers including "The Die Box, 20th Century Silks, Egg Bag Magic, Salt Go, Siberian Chain Escape, Beauty of Life, ..."

Magic With An Upward Look ($12) - contains only the best and the brightest material. There is, for instance, a chapter on the History of Magic and another on The Story of Silk. The author has also included an invaluable chapter on mixing music with magic ... an area frequently left unexplored. And there is a chapter on the "Ps" of magic: Presentation, Performance, Personality, Preparation, Patter, Promotion and Publicity. Perhaps its possible you'll find these chapters perceptive and penetrating.

Magic That Gives An Upward Lift ($12) - Includes a section called "The Seed Basket". Here are over 25 pages of outlines, ideas, quotations, illustrations and food for thought. This is material that can be incorporated into a patter line or story - or material that can be used just to inspire and get those brain cells working! Another special section of this book is called: "A Bit Of Humor". Over fifty pages of carefully selected gag lines, funny stories, daffynitions, puzzles, silly signs, one liners, etc. In the second half of this 166-page, 81/2"x11", spiral bound book you will find detailed and complete routines for the following: Ball on Wand, Candle-Lite, Chinese Prayer Vase, Clippo, Dizzy Dial, Milk Bottle, Multiplying Money Tray, Phantom Tube, Red Ashes Cremation Papers, Repeat Bill Trick, Rigid Rope, Pavels Round the Square, Ball Vase, Comedy Bang Gun, Deluxe Dove Pan, Drawer Box, Forgetful Freddie, Fraidy-Cat Rabbit ...many more.

Magic That Points To The Upward Life ($12) - Here is the third book in Rev. Jim Dracups gospel magic trilogy! The first two books, "Magic With An Upward Look" and "Magic That Gives An Upward Lift" have proven to be best-sellers. All the books in this three-book series are loaded with practical and audience- tested material. Each book contains so much material that you are sure to find an application for tricks you already own. (You will also find applications so perfect that you will convince yourself to buy the corresponding effect!) All of this stems from Jim Dracups extensive backgrounds in both gospel work and magic. Both have been his lifes work and these three books are the combined collection and culmination of that work.