ABBOTTS DOWNLOAD SPECIAL - Abbotts Escape Collection

ABBOTTS DOWNLOAD SPECIAL - Abbotts Escape Collection
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Over $60 of Escape PDF's if purchased separately. Lets start off with Abbott's Book of Escapes. This book of more than fifty-four pages fulfills a long-felt need for the magician and escape artist. Its profusely illustrated pages form a complete compendium of the best in escapes. It fully describes how to build box, bag and chain effects. The contents also include: Rod Ties, Mail Bar & Bag, Strait Jacket, Sack Escapes, Handcuff Dive, Underwater Escapes, Rope Ties & Releases, Chain Acts, Coffin Escapes, How to Open Padlocks, Wrist Ties and Challenge Acts. This work, by Abbott and Kroeger, is the most complete book on the subject ever published.

Next lets at the Magicians Guide to Making and Using Lockpicks, which alone sells for $7 as a download on its own. This booklet is divided into three sections: how to make tools, how locks operate, and the secrets behind lock picking. I know we don't have to tell you its for entertainment purposes only! The pdf contains 43 pages.

You get the workshop plans for two stage effects, the Barrel Escape and the Slick Post Illusion

Finally you get the instructions for the Australian Bar Escape, Box escape, Chain Handcuffs, Chinese Straight Jacket, Daring Spring Trap, Extraordinary Chain Release, Handcuff Escape, Stocks of Solomon, Straight Jacket Release, Thumb Tie, and Walking Through A Steel Plate. Remember these are instructions, you may need to build or buy additional props as is true with most escape effects.