ABBOTT DOWNLOAD - Snake Basket (Loring EZ Version 1945)

ABBOTT DOWNLOAD - Snake Basket (Loring EZ Version 1945)
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Effect: Magician has a card selected and placed back in the deck. He then calls attention to his trained snake. He removes the lid from the basket and takes out the snake. It is about 2 feet long, of a greenish color with a black stripe zig zag down its back. It has eyes, nose and mouth, also painted on it. Magician tells the audience that the snake can find the selected card, so he replaces the reptile in the basket. He then drops the deck of cards into the basket with the snake and commands him to find the card. If desired, you can go through the usual business of playing a flute, or beating a tom-tom, put on a turban, etc. Finally, at the proper moment, the snake jumps out of the basket with the selected card hanging from his mouth.

Created by Loring Campbell in 1945 plus a routine by George Johnstone from Tops Magazine