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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $4.00
Magician exhibits a beautifully decorated cabinet which is mounted on four curved legs. The front and back panels are lowered and the top panel is lifted revealing the plain and empty cabinet. All panels are again closed and a spectator’s arm is placed through the holes in the ends of the cabinet leaving the entire hand showing at one end. The middle part of the arm is visible at all times through the large oval-cut hole in the front panel. Two shiny chopper blades are now shown and inserted in the top panel. The arm is chopped in two places and the blades removed and exhibited. The Magician now displays a white handkerchief and covers the middle portion of the arm in the cabinet and removes it. Holding the covered arm section at arm’s length, he then causes it to float in mid-air. During this time, the spectator can wiggle his fingers and wave his hand at the audience and yet it can plainly be seen (?) that he has no middle part of his arm. The piece of arm can then be put back in place, the spectator removes his arm and takes his seat.