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The Abbott's Magic Company, the Colon Lions Club and the Colon Chamber of Commerce are proud to celebrate the Annual Abbott's Magic Get-Together. The dates are August 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of 2018. Once again, magicians from all over the world will migrate to Colon, Michigan, the Magic Capital of the World, to be a part of this family oriented event. Tents and campers will magically pop up everywhere to swell this tiny little village until it appears there is no room for even one more person. Everyone scampers to be a part of this fun convention which was rated Michigan's #1 unique convention last year.

Rocco studied under the legendary sleight-of-hand master Tony Slydini. After winning the Golden Lion Award for stage and close-up magic from Siegfried & Roy in 1986, his career began to flourish as a magic teacher, innovator, and world class performer. Rocco is the recipient of the Merlin and Golden Lion Awards, a two-time winner of the coveted Manhattan Association of Cabarets Award, and has been nominated nine times as Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in four different categories. Rocco is the only American to win awards at two FISM World Tournaments: in 1994 in Yokohama, Japan, and “Most Original Act” in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. Rocco performed at the 2007 Austrian Magic Convention in Vienna, Austria, and appeared in the VH1 celebrity magic reality series, Celebracadabra, in 2008, as an adviser and guide for celebrity partner and 1st runner-up, Hal Sparks.

Shawn Farquhar
Shawn Farquhar has been entertaining audiences around the globe for over two decades. His magic has been seen on Television shows like the X-Files and Highlander, in Motion Pictures like Spooky House and the Fly II, for corporate clients like IBM and Konica, and on the most luxurious cruise vessels such as Norwegian Star and Radiance of the Seas. Shawn offers a fast paced, audience participation experience that will draw everyone into an evening of entertainment you will not soon forget. As a two-time world champion of magic, Shawn knows the right blend of magic and comedy to make your guests have fun. After all…it’s his job! Shawn’s unique look, flashy suits and infectious smile are all signs that you booked a professional. Shawn’s show is filled with incredible magic, gut busting humor and his dynamic personality which has earned him over 500 standing ovations in the last five years! Don’t take our word. The Canadian Association of Magicians awarded Shawn the MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR in 2003 and 2010, the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians awarded him the GRAND PRIX D’HONNEUR, the International Brotherhood of Magicians awarded him both STAGE MAGICIAN and SLEIGHT OF HAND MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR, making him the ONLY magician in history to win BOTH world championships and the Olympics of Magic in Beijing, China awarded him the highest award in magic, the GRAND PRIX WORLD CHAMPION OF MAGIC in 2009!

David Corsaro
David Corsaro has been a professional magician for over 25 years and a featured performer at "Monday Night Magic", New York City's longest running off-Broadway magic show. He has performed his amazing feats of magic for Fortune 500 companies (Wrigley’s, Panasonic, Nestle, and Viacom) as well as top music acts ("Chicago", "Earth Wind and Fire" and "The Milwaukees"). David also donates his talent for a variety of charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Hurricane Sandy Relief and Lions International. David's personal brand of magic can be described as an enthusiastic blend of magic and comedy that will have you laughing while riveted to his every move. Recent highlights include Donald Trump St Judes Fundraiser, Trump National Golf Club, Yogi Berra Celebrity Golf Outing, and West Essex Magazine Awards Dinner.

Eric Buss
Although most would agree that his gadgets are totally awesome, it’s Eric’s personality that wins audiences over. His high-energy, and hilarious act has been called, “Pure Art, Pure Madness!” It combines crazy inventions and Eric’s high-octane sugar rush of comedy into a non-stop ride of mischief and magical gadgetry that most people could never imagine. Eric not only imagined it, he turned it into an award-winning act that he has performed around the world and on “The Late Show” with David Letterman. In fact, Letterman called his performance “Tremendous, sensational, and beautiful.” And, as 10 million people watched, he managed to win over one of the most difficult audiences in television- the audience of “America’s Got Talent.” A Second City Comedy School graduate, he has performed on five continents and on TV in seven countries, including a one-hour Korean television special solely dedicated to his performance. Other career highlights include appearances on the “Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon” and the “Just for Laughs” Comedy Festival in Montreal, and entertaining U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Now, at the age of “adult,” Eric the Comedy Imaginator spends most of his time pursuing his childhood passions either in his own workshop in Los Angeles or on stages around the world performing his clever brand of comedy, glued to his unique style of magic, bolted to his original props, duck-taped to his energetic personality. Audiences love the results!

Kevin Betha
Kevin is one of the most sought after corporate entertainers in the country. You may have seen him on CN8 – The Comcast Network on the “Your Morning” show. He was also a regular headliner at the Dickens Parlour Theatre located at the Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City and Monday Night Magic: New York’s Longest Running Off-Broadway Magic Show. A native of New Jersey, Kevin is a full time professional magician/Illusionist with over 25 years of performing experience! Kevin has won several awards in magic contests and has made numerous television appearances. He has also made appearances in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and has been a featured performer at various prestigious national magic conventions such as Fechter’s Finger Flinging Frolics, Tannen’s Jubilee in New York City, Bob Little’s Super Sunday Magic and The Philadelphia East Coast Magic Spectacular. Kevin also regularly performs his close-up miracles at the world famous “Monday Night Magic”, New York’s longest running off-broadway magic show. Kevin has conducted lectures to other magicians and has had several of his original magic effects published in magic journals such as Apocalypse and Labyrinth. In 1988, Kevin was featured in a book called “A CAREER IN MAGIC” published by the Rosen Publishing Group.

Duane Laflin
Duane and Mary Laflin are specialists in the field of family entertainment that includes a Vegas quality show that is suitable for all age groups! Performances on five continents, in forty-seven of the USA states, and in many countries testify to their appeal and effectiveness. Duane is a member of the "Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star" This is a special international honor of highest regard in the world of magicians. The "Osgood Files" national radio program did a full segment about Duane & Mary and the fact that they are Christians and Illusionists. The Laflins are no stranger to the Colon Magic Get Together audience, having appeared on stage in 1994,1996,1998,2001,2005,2009, and now 2018!

Ever since she won the Russian as well as the German Grand Prix and was the first woman ever to achieve the prestigious title German Magician of the year, Alana is considered today’s female shooting star among magicians. The originality of her performance led the young magicienne to the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and made her win the Golden Magic Award in Shanghai. At FISM, the World Championship of Magic, Alana was among the top five and the best female magician in the contest. Alana’s award – winning act! She enchants her audience with a lot of charme, elegance, energy and skillful manipulation. Who doesn’t dream about having several hands? Witness how Alana’s hands are chasing, teasing and making her jewellery disappear until she turns completely headless... Alana’s enchanting words take the audience into a wonderful world of magical fashionable surprises. Diamonds shine, pearls appear and high heels materialize from nowhere. One spectator will even experience his very personal “déjà shoe”!

Ivan Pecel
Leave every notion of what you "thought" a juggler was at the door. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Ivan brings the term "High Energy" to an entirely different level by delivering an unforgettable show unlike anything you have seen before. As funny as a stand up comic, and as skilled as a Chinese acrobat, Ivan has appeared on Comedy Central, America's Got Talent, and the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno." This is why he is a favorite among corporations, colleges, trade shows, comedy clubs, cruise ships, and on the Las Vegas Strip. Ivan Pecel is an award winning juggler, comedian, performer, entertainer, and television/ commercial actor. Whether Ivan is blindly kicking a flaming torch over his head, juggling ping pong balls using only his mouth, or having you laughing so hard that you should have worn adult diapers to his performance, his show is sure to delight any size audience, no matter the venue.

Joe Rindfleisch
SMagic performed with rubber bands has grown in popularity with close-up magicians in recent years mostly because it encompasses all of the elements that make for effective close-up magic. Joe Rindfleisch is known as the the modern day maestro of rubber band magic not only in this country but the world, with many effects, DVD's, and books on the subject. This will be Joe's first appearance at an Abbott Magic Get Together and the closeup workers anxiously await his appearance!

Will Fern
Will Fern is a full time magician, having performed in restaurants for 20 years, as well as at private and corporate events all over New York. Will has made his living devastating hardened New Yorkers for 25 years with his razor sharp magic and engaging personality…and he will now being doing this for the Colon Magic Get Together audience. Will has been a leading go-to guy for discriminating audiences and top talent agencies from New York to Hollywood’s world renowned Magic Castle, around the world via cruise ship, and back. This will be Will's first appearance at the Get Together and we look forward to seeing him "Bring It"!

George Schindler
Mr. Showbiz - George Schindler - is the driving force behind
Vent-O-Rama where you learn the basics of Ventriloquism. George is a talented magician, actor, theatrical consultant and comedian who combines drama, illusion and humor in his art. George, who loves theater and acting, starred as "Chandu the Great" in Woody Allen's New York Stories (1989) and produced his own "World of Illusion" show. Despite a busy performing schedule, he has found time to write numerous books, including "Magic with Everyday Objects," "Basic Balloon Sculpture," "Ventriloquism, Magic with Your Voice," And "Presto! Magic for the Beginner". He co-authored "Magic With Cards" with Frank Garcia. George Schindler served the Society of American Magicians as National President in 1992-1993, has been elected to the Society's Hall of Fame (1994), serves on the Board of Trustees for the Society of American Magicians Magic Endowment Fund, and is chairman of its Houdini Hospital Fund. He is a life member and was awarded Honorary membership, the Society's highest honor. George was the honoree of their 2007 convention in Dallas, Texas. He is also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Order of Merlin), Magician's Alliance of Eastern States, Society of American Ventriloquists, Australian Society of Magicians, and holds a gold star MIMC membership in the Magic Circle, England's most prestigious magic society. In 1986, the Society of American Magicians in New York recognized him as their "Magician of the Year" for his outstanding contributions as a performer, author and lecturer, and for his continuous contributions to the advancement of the art of magic. He was awarded the Senator Crandall Comedy award at Abbott's Magic in 1999 and received the lifetime S. A. M. title of Dean of American Magicians in 2005, succeeding Jay Marshall. The same year he accepted the Milbourne Christopher "Lifetime Achievement Award". George Schindler's talents have taken him around the world and into the hearts of many.

John Sturk
For the fourth year in a row, John Sturk will be handling the "
Colon Street Performers" where professional buskers will perform on the streets of Colon during the Magic Get Together. John Sturk is an award-winning comedy magician, magic consultant, musician, and entertainer extraordinaire. A native of Detroit, John is a graduate of Michigan State University with degrees in Journalism and Political Theory. John currently lives in Chicago, and works for FUN Incorporated, America's largest magic manufacturer. John's awards include First Place at the 2005 Abbott's Close-Up Convention, First Place at the 2006 Abbott's Get-Together Stage Competition, First Place at the 2006 Curly's Close-Up Competition, and First Place at the 2009 Michigan Magic Day (Stage and Closeup). John's one-man comedy magic show, DIRTY TRICKS, recently finished a highly successful run at the Comedy Sports Theatre in Chicago.

Jerry Burgess
The long running and ever popular "
Magic Minister's Session" is run by none other than Dr. Jerry burgess. Dr. Burgess is a Christian Evangelist, who has traveled the world proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ for over thirty years as a preacher, Bible Teacher, and Illusionist. Drawing upon his unusual background as a medical doctor and a professional illusionist, he is able to present unique perspectives on the Gospel in a thoroughly entertaining way. A professional illusionist since 1969 and in the Gospel Illusion Ministry since 1970, he is a three-time past president of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians (an organization of over 3,000 members in 50 states and at least 30 other countries who use illusions, ventriloquism, puppetry, etc. to illustrate the gospel of Jesus Christ). Jerry has performed throughout the U.S. and Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, on cruise ships in the Caribbean and Scandinavia, and on network television in 39 countries on 5 continents and on national TV in the U.S. 18 times in the past 25 years.

Al The Only
The story behind Al giving a "
Famous Magician Graveyard Tour" actually has its roots in 1993, when Karrell Fox Gave Al the tour. For the past 6 years Al has been giving this tour every Get Together and it is one popular event! Al also has been running the Colon Golf Tournament for the past 25 years as the first "official/non official" Get Together event! A full time professional magician for over two decades, Al has been featured in many local publications and magazines such as "Crain's Small Business", "Money", and "Success", for his work in Corporate America. Although he typically performs at company banquets, cocktail parties and hospitality suites, you can also find him working at trade shows and sales meetings. "I love making people laugh, wonder, and feel good. Magic is my life," said Al The Only. "Some have even called me obsessed," he continued. It's no wonder, with "PRESTO" on his license plate and a work phone number that spells "TRICKY-1". Performing around the world, Al has developed a successful business that makes his clients happy.

BJ Mallen
One of the performers at Abbotts
Afternoon Magic Shows, BJ Mallen is a true product of Colon MI. Growing up in the Magic Capital of the World, BJ Mallen has been involved with performing magic most of his life. At the early age of 16, BJ was hired by the legendary Abbott Magic Shop in Colon MI as a demonstrator, following in the footsteps of great Abbott demonstrators such as Neil Foster, Tim Wright, Tom Mullica, and Gordon Miller. BJ has been with Abbotts for over 15 years and currently works inside sales for the magic giant, but performing magic is BJ's first passion and many times you can find him behind the counter at Abbotts performing comedy magic and doing demonstrations for the customers in the showroom.

Gordon Miller
In addition his traditional leadoff on the Wednesday show and various MC events, Gordon also will be one of the performers at Abbotts
Afternoon Magic Shows. Gordon has been involved with Abbotts Magic and the Magic Get Together since the re-birth of the New Tops in 1961. Gordon succeeded his good friend Neil Foster as editor of New Tops Magazine and has appeared as a performer at more Magic Get Togethers than anyone else, breaking the old record set by Karrell Fox. Gordon's smooth style and gentle humor are displayed each year as he traditionally leads off the Wednesday evening show with his unique and novel acts which signals the official start of Get Together Shows. In addition to being one of the top magic men in his field, Gordon has authored several books on magic (including one of my favorites, the Abbott Compendium of Card Magic which is a best seller at the Abbott Magic shop) and also is a Special Service veteran of the military.