8.5" x 11" - 412 pages - Limited Edition - We ship these April 30th


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2014 Sellers Booth at the May 10th Flea Market & Auction 77TH ABBOTT MAGIC GET TOGETHER AUG 6-9
2014 Sellers Booth at the May 10th Flea Market & Auction77TH ABBOTT MAGIC GET TOGETHER AUG 6-9
attendance in the Abbott auction and flea market is free, you only need to purchase a booth/table if you want to sell magic. Tables sold out early the last couple years so if you want to sell please order early. See pics hereAbbotts Get Together (which will also celebrate Abbotts 80th Birthday) will take place Aug 6-9. Performers include Joshua Jay, Losander, Chris Mitchell, Fred Becker, Shoot Ogawa, Trigg Magic, Pat Davidson, Mabelle, Ali Shelli, Bill Cook, and many more.




Go Change Dark Matter Secrets
Go ChangeDark Matter Secrets
View Demo! How many card to envelope routines do you already have? Maybe a lot. How many of them allow the spectator to look into an empty envelope and hold it in advance? Maybe None. Go Change Main Effect - Card to envelope You give a spectator...Dark Matter Secrets is simply the greatest compilation of "spooky" magic effects ever assembled. The ultimate Halloween magic book, Abbott's Dark Matter Secrets has over 400 pages, well over 100 effects, Stage Illusions (complete with workshop plans), Side Show Illusions etc. Check out the Demo!



Paul Harris Presents Lubor's Gift by Lubor Fiedler Appearing Candle (Red or White)
Paul Harris Presents Lubor's Gift by Lubor FiedlerAppearing Candle (Red or White)
You open up a stamped shipping carton and remove a colorful gift box --- and then, impossibly, you proceed to put the stamped shipping carton into the gift box. What was once on the outside is now on the inside...and vice versa. Check out the demo!A slim appearing candle which grades to the quality of candles used by many standard master magicians. Please let us know if you would like red or white.



Assistant Certificate (with Wand) Mc Sandwich
Assistant Certificate (with Wand)Mc Sandwich
Our Certificates are printed in the USA on 100# Gloss Cover Stock. Included with your Certificate is a plastic wand to make it easy to roll your certificate into a wand for presentation to your Little Assistant . Brighten the day of the Birthday...View Demo! A card is freely chosen and signed by a spectator, the card will mysteriously appear between two cards! An impossible effect done in front of your spectators, MC SANDWICH allow you a multitude of other effects such as: Disappearance, Transformation, Ambitious Card and Etc..



Mirage Mystic Wand
MirageMystic Wand
2 white cards have at their center a hole about the size of a 50 cent piece, they are laid slowly on top of the deck. Without hiding anything or covering the deck instantly between the 2 white cards appears the spectator's card. Check out the Demo!The magician shows the audience a small black magic wand and a large cube. In the middle of the cube there is a hole just big enough so that the wand can be pushed through it. As the magician does so, the wand almost completely disappears into...




FloatIt by Criss Angel Spook House Illusion
FloatIt by Criss AngelSpook House Illusion
As seen on the hit TV series "Criss Angel Believe" on SpikeTV! Includes: LED Anti-Gravity Card FloatIT kit* Official Deck of Criss Angel Cards Exclusive Web Link for Instructional Videos Over 20 AMAZING Tricks YOU can Perform! LIGHTS UP! FREAK...Based on the classic Arabian Tent illusion, this Spook House is from the pages of Tom Palmer's popular book, "Modern Illusions", It's an exact reproduction of Tom's house, a Victory Carton illusion and case made from durable, 200 lb. test...



Heavens Aces by Chris Randall video DOWNLOAD Hollywood Squares by Chris Randall - ebook DOWNLOAD
Heavens Aces by Chris Randall video DOWNLOADHollywood Squares by Chris Randall - ebook DOWNLOAD
On this Download Chris Randall teaches you one of his trademark routines. Four Jokers are produced at the fingertips one by one and then instantly change into four aces. This flashy bit of sleight of hand fits in as the opener to any four ace...Imagine doing a Magic Squares routine but not having to remember any numbers or do any math? This is Chris Randall's unique and entertaining take on the classic effect but using celebrities instead. A spectator is asked to freely choose a...



George Sands Masterworks - Ropes (Book & Video) - DOWNLOAD Knock Out Coin Magic Michael R video DOWNLOAD
George Sands Masterworks - Ropes (Book & Video) - DOWNLOADKnock Out Coin Magic Michael R video DOWNLOAD
View Demo! George Sands was a prolific inventor and developer of original moves and polished routines that have worked themselves into the annals of magic infamy. His rope work and card tricks are some of the finest, performed by David...These just might be the best coin tapes ever made! These videos have been sought after by magicians for years and L&L Publishing is proud to re-release this series originally produced by Videonics of Canada. All three volumes are in this one download.



Live Without a Net by Richard Osterlind video DOWNLOAD Max Maven Multiplicity by L&L Publishing video DOWNLOAD
Live Without a Net by Richard Osterlind video DOWNLOADMax Maven Multiplicity by L&L Publishing video DOWNLOAD
View Demo! Richard Osterlind Live . . . Without a Net! Richard Osterlind . . . Captured "Live" in Reno, NV! For the first time on dowload, you'll see Richard Osterlind in his natural performing environment, presenting startling mentalism and...The choice is yours.. . . or is it? The wait is over, and Max Maven's Multiplicity is here. In this remarkable download you will learn techniques and subtleties involving equivoque and multiple outs, including ideas revealed for the very first...



No Camera Tricks by Richard Osterlind video DOWNLOAD Remarkable Card Magic (3 Volumes) by Boris Wild video DOWNLOAD
No Camera Tricks by Richard Osterlind video DOWNLOAD Remarkable Card Magic (3 Volumes) by Boris Wild video DOWNLOAD
What magic and mentalism on television should look like! This incredible set features Richard Osterlind as the star of three simulated television shows. Watch Richard dazzle the audience with real-time, mind-boggling mysteries and, as the title...View Demo! FISM award-winner Boris Wild is one of the most renowned French magicians in the world. From Hollywood and Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, Sydney, Tokyo and beyond, Boris' original and creative approach to card magic has taken him to some of...



Talk About Tricks (Vol 1 thru 3) by Joshua Jay video DOWNLOAD The Fielding West Comedy Magic Show video DOWNLOAD
Talk About Tricks (Vol 1 thru 3) by Joshua Jay video DOWNLOAD The Fielding West Comedy Magic Show video DOWNLOAD
View Demo! From the pages of MAGIC Magazine to your TV screen, the "Talk About Tricks" Set is one of the most eclectic, unexpected collections of magic and magicians ever captured. The concept is simple: Joshua Jay writes the critically-acclaimed...Fielding West is not only a magician's magician, but he possesses that very rare and impeccable sense of comedic timing that has landed him the opening spot for some of the biggest names in show business. A winner in the prestigious Desert Magic...



Three Psychic Words by Bill Montana - eBook DOWNLOAD Super Robbie Raccoon
Three Psychic Words by Bill Montana - eBook DOWNLOAD Super Robbie Raccoon
A diabolical new device for the psychic reader that can be used to gain the necessary information to begin your reading. The premium edition comes with a special engraved wood board and laminated printed card similar to the wood version shown to...Super Robbie Raccoon with Ultra Flex Neck. Teaching DVD with all moves and routine included! Check out the demo!



Chick Pan Morrissey Defiance (DVD with Gimmick)
Chick Pan MorrisseyDefiance (DVD with Gimmick)
Morrissey Magic Last Chance Sale - As you may already know Morrissey is out of business and Abbotts is selling off its remaining inventory of these high quality products! Smaller version of the dove pan, produce a small bird, baby chick,small cake, or dozens of silks and flowers.View Demo! With Defiance, you are able to harness the power to animate small objects in new and impossible ways. Each routine is modular, hard-hitting and contains multiple methods so you can customize each routine to suit YOUR personal performing style. The package comes with EVERYTHING you need



Desert Rose by Chris Randall video DOWNLOAD Match Box Pro - Video DOWNLOAD
Desert Rose by Chris Randall video DOWNLOADMatch Box Pro - Video DOWNLOAD
View Demo! In Desert Rose Chris shares some impromptu effects with a Paper Rose. Includes 7 Digits Bonus effect!View Demo! A matchbox sealed with rubber bands is brought out and put onto the table. A card is selected, signed and lost back into the deck. With a snap of the magicians fingers that card jumps to the top of the deck, again the magician loses...



Precognition 365 Auto Appearing Neck Tie by Sumit Chhajer
Precognition 365 Auto Appearing Neck Tie by Sumit Chhajer
Using a single diary and a greetings card (pre-printed ready to use) you are ready to devastate your audience with a five phase demonstration of your mindreading/precognitive skills. The mentalist offers to demonstrate his precognitive skills....View Demo! Are you looking for a unique magic trick which is completely visual and instant! ... This is it ... AUTO NECK-TIE Just Imagine, you have the possibility to magically produce a Neck Tie. Just imagine if you are on stage, forgot to wear...




LIAR (DVD & Gimmicks) by Robert Baxt Room Service - PICK A FREE GIFT WHEN ORDERING
LIAR (DVD & Gimmicks) by Robert BaxtRoom Service - PICK A FREE GIFT WHEN ORDERING
View Demo! The lie detector is a classic comedy premise that can now be done by anyone, singlehandedly, with a supplied gimmick that's extra loud for extra laughs! Robert Baxt shows on this DVD how to easily and inexpensively make this gimmick...The murder took place in room ___. Let your spectator say 3 numbers, when the key (in full view all the time) is turned over, it matches! Room tag and key, gimmicks, instruction, performance rights and three routines included. Pick out a free gift from Abbotts when you order this. DEMO




Super Drawer Box Invasion of the Bodysnatchers
Super Drawer BoxInvasion of the Bodysnatchers
It is excellent for stage or platform use and especially good for livestock. Colorful and well made."When Peter performs Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I always get goosebumps! No other "Packet Trick" in the entire world of magic has done that. And I've seen a lot of packet tricks in the world of magic. This is the perfect piece of Close-up... check out the Demo!




Colonoscopy - Max Maven Lecture Notes Used Abbott Super Botania
Colonoscopy - Max Maven Lecture NotesUsed Abbott Super Botania
Max Maven lecture notes from his appearance at the 35th Abbott Closeup Convention March of 2014. Limited amount available, check out the video on this by Greg.Used super botania in great condition.



Realistic Skunk Ultra Cane - Metal Appearing Cane
Realistic SkunkUltra Cane - Metal Appearing Cane
This should not be confused with the very inferior, cloth construction type of skunk. These are made right here at the Magic Capital, check out the video and demo of this superior product.View Demo! Perfection is what Magicians strives for. After years of research & experimentation, Magicalism finally came up with this perfect appearing cane - the Ultra Cane . It is lighter, smaller, stronger and is available in multiple colors. The best appearing can you will ever have.



Abbotts Mutilated Parasol Magic in Motion The Mechanics of Body Illusion
Abbotts Mutilated ParasolMagic in Motion The Mechanics of Body Illusion
This is the finest mutilated parasol effect in the world! This is the single parasol method. The silk cover is dyed in bright multi-colors, radiating in concentric circles from the center in a veritable sunburst of beauty. Check out demo's by Marty Hahne and Duane Laflin!Combine magic and movement to make a stronger impression on your audience? "Magic and Motion" demonstrates the significance of physical movement in magical presentation through diagrams and descriptions and applies them to some magic effects you may already have in your repertoire. Demo!



Surprising Dots - Italy G Sharp - The Anti Gravity Sharpie
Surprising Dots - ItalyG Sharp - The Anti Gravity Sharpie
The performer shows a jumbo card that has 1 black dot on one side, and 4 black dots on the other... At the end the magician explains to the audience how the trick works, but as a surprise finish 8 black dots suddenly appear from nowhere filling the card completely! DEMO!The Anti-Gravity looks, feels and writes just like an ordinary Sharpie. Except this one can defy gravity. And with no complicated setup, it's one of the few suspension / levitation illusions that can be performed at the drop of a hat, ANYWHERE... ANYTIME! Check out demos, lots of fun!



Dove Frame Painting Abbotts Blooming Bouquet
Dove Frame PaintingAbbotts Blooming Bouquet
Show an elegant Framed Painting of a white dove and with no SWIFT or SUDDEN movements the dove flies right out of the frame leaving behind a nest with a few eggs!!!.

Frame Measures - 14 x 12
Beautiful Silk Screened Scene
Abbott's Blooming Bouquet is complete with seven white and seven red flower blooms, Check out the Demo by Greg Bordner!



Miracle Rope by Bill Neff Oh Mummy
Miracle Rope by Bill NeffOh Mummy
Since the article about this in Magic Magazine (Oct 2010) by Gabe Fajuri we have had trouble keeping up with the demand. Absolutely clean - the method is undetectable.A cut out Mummy Case is shown, the door is opened to show a picture of a Mummy swathed in bandages. With the door closed, the performer pulls an end of a white ribbon from a cut out in the Mummy Case, and continues until he has produced many...



Abbotts Haunted Candle Abbotts Pixie Glass
Abbotts Haunted CandleAbbotts Pixie Glass
Lit candle extinquishes itself by rotating 180 degrees.Under your control you can use in anything from a seance to a comedy routine. Performed by the great Neil Foster, the haunted candle is a prop you will use for many occasions! Check out the Demo by Greg Bordner!A cleverly constructed glass made of clear lucite plastic. For a milk routine the effects possible with this glass offer many interesting and entertaining possibilities.



Abbotts Dove Workers Vest Vampire Block
Abbotts Dove Workers VestVampire Block
The body-loader's best friend! This vest eliminates the need to sew pockets to the inside lining of your coats. It can be worn under any coat. The vest is adjustable for all sizes and is available in either black or white material. Please specify when ordering. Demo by Greg BordnerThe red block represents the vampire. The silver stakes impales the block in the tube. The block escapes leaving the silver stake visible. Check out the Demo!



Haunted Kettle Innercircle by Yigal Mesika
Haunted Kettle Innercircle by Yigal Mesika
Free Tea Kettle book with purchase of Haunted Kettle prop. Various different colored "spirits" (15-20 if you like) pour out of the Haunted Kettle. Kettle is opened and it is full of silks. Colored liquids are poured back in the kettle and the water pours out clear. DemoMesika's Loops made miracles possible. Now, Innercircle makes those miracles possible ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME. For the first time ever, three groundbreaking items in one package: ANIMATED MIRACLES, LOOPS, The INNERCIRCLE CARD, This combination is the ultimate utility of levitations and animations.




Shrinking And Growing Head Spiral Extreme by Bruce Kalver Center Tear
Shrinking And Growing Head Spiral Extreme by Bruce KalverCenter Tear
PERFECT FOR VERY LARGE THEATERS, STADIUMS , ETC. The Growing and Shrinking Head Illusion has become a classic in magic. Magicians from part timers to professionals have made this illusion a staple of their showsIf this wasn't so good it wouldn't copied by cheap imitators. This is the absolute and the greatest! Created by Abbott's own Neil Foster, the Center Tear is an Abbott exclusive so don't be fooled by the new era of ripoff tradition. Check out the Demo by Gordon Miller!



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