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4D Printer by Tenyo Magic Card Surgery by Tenyo
4D Printer by Tenyo MagicCard Surgery by Tenyo
Select Free Gift From Abbotts when purchasing this product! In addition to printing playing cards, you can also print birthday cards that contain a personalized message. Perfect for parties and larger gatherings. Demo! Back in StockBy covering your hand over the clearly cut-up playing card, you will cause the pieces to rejoin into a single card. Hard to keep this one in stock probably because of this demo



Clear Surprise by Tenyo Crazy Spots by Tenyo
Clear Surprise by TenyoCrazy Spots by Tenyo
Producing real money from a transparent envelope is a magical delight! Keep the props in your bag or pocket, and you'll always be ready to perform. Check out the demoSelect A Free Gift From Abbotts when purchased!
Without ever removing the board from the spectator's sight, magi rubs one of the colored spots and it instantly changes back to its original color! All may be examined. English instructions included.



Ghost Card by Tenyo Magic Magic Memo Pad by Tenyo
Ghost Card by Tenyo MagicMagic Memo Pad by Tenyo
Select Free Gift From Abbotts when purchasing this product! Although it seems completely impossible, the magician slowly pushes a stack of playing cards through his cheek and into his face! Demo! Special Price - while they last3 coins magically vanish as they appear to melt into an illustration you've drawn on a pad. Tear the page from the pad and give it to your spectator at the end. Watch a Demo



Miracle Coin Thru by Tenyo Money Shock by Tenyo Magic
Miracle Coin Thru by TenyoMoney Shock by Tenyo Magic
Perform a stunning penetration effect with an ordinary cup and coin. Your audience will be able to see the coin as it instantly penetrates through the bottom of the cup! Check out the DemoSelect Free Gift From Abbotts when purchasing this product! 5 sheets of paper transform into real money! Thanks to a newly developed gimmick, you can perform this dream-like magic effect. Easy to prepare and quick to master. Demo! Back in Stock



Tenyo Magicial MRI Tenyo 2011 - 4D Surprise
Tenyo Magicial MRITenyo 2011 - 4D Surprise
Select Free Gift From Abbotts when purchasing this product! You will be able to see through a solid metal plate and determine chosen numbers on top of a pair of dice. Demo! Back in StockStatue of Liberty figurine magically appears in the empty space!



Tenyo 2011 - Cloud Money Tenyo 2011 - Ghost Lamp
Tenyo 2011 - Cloud MoneyTenyo 2011 - Ghost Lamp
You can show the front and back of the bill, and since there are no threads involved, you can perform this virtually anywhere.Included in this set are:a light bulb, a trick deck of cards and a special gimmick.



Tenyo China Surprise Tenyo 2011 - Trap Box
Tenyo China SurpriseTenyo 2011 - Trap Box
Push a sheet of tissue paper into your closed fist. On top of the tissue, you place a small green ball. Make a magical gesture, and... the tissue has transformed magically into a delicious looking shumai dumpling!We consider this to be the ultimate rattle box.



Tenyo Floating Card Tenyo Tower of Dice
Tenyo Floating Card Tenyo Tower of Dice
Magically, the card slowly floats upward! You can even remove the card below the floating card, and the selected card remains suspended in mid-air.They're Back, one of our best sellers this Christmas and at an affordable price. At the end of the performance, you can hand out the tube and the dice for thorough examination. Good demo!



Tenyo Third Eye Tenyo Illusion Trick
Tenyo Third Eye Tenyo Illusion Trick
Just in and Ready to Ship - Perform this at a party or other gathering, and your audience will all want to try!Remove a lion figurine from the miniature circus truck. Drop the lion inside the folds of a handkerchief, and it instantly disappears! The vanished lion suddenly reappears back inside the truck!



Tenyo Psychic Money Tenyo Invisible Zone
Tenyo Psychic MoneyTenyo Invisible Zone
Just in and Ready to Ship - In this supernatural effect, you show that you have the power to move a bill with the power of your mind.This trick will even make the experts blink. A solid pen is slid through a plastic chamber. The ends of the pen are clearly seen to be protruding from the ends of the chamber, yet when a center door is opened; the middle of the pen is GONE!



Tenyo Magic Pop-Up Tenyo Oh No
Tenyo Magic Pop-UpTenyo Oh No
Use the enclosed capsule to produce a piece of candy or a finger ring, and hand out the item as a gift.This illusion is wonderful, and is as safe as can be, as the blade never comes near your finger.



Tenyo Magical Door
Tenyo Magical Door
Two impossible looking routines are included that will teach you how to penetrate metal through solid metal, in no time.


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