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Sword Thru Neck Abbotts Flexible Glass
Sword Thru NeckAbbotts Flexible Glass
The magician brings up a member of the audience in order to try out "something new". The magician then shows a curious device that he has never tried out before. The magician states that "anything that goes into this device cannot be harmed in...Invented by Oswald Rae. Brought to America by Stuart Robson by arrangement with Max Andrews of London, England.



Coin Ladder by Uday COLOR CHANGING FAN
A magician makes quarters appear and drops them into the coin ladderA Fan changes color every time it is closed and opened, from Yellow to Red, then to a Rainbow of Colors, and finally to a beautifully decorated Dragon Fan. You get a specially made fan (7" long and over 12" diameter), beautifully off-set printed in full color, and laminated for long use.



Color Changing Rose Color Changing Waistcoat
Color Changing RoseColor Changing Waistcoat
This is a multi-functional props combination which is suitable for stage and close-up performance with very good effect.The performer is attired in a white waistcoat. He waves a parasol or banner in front of himself, and the waistcoat changes to red. This is repeated, and the waistcoat is now blue, and then yellow. Then back to any of these colors, as often as you wish. A mechanical item,



Cup Zero Extra Balloons For Super Needle Balloon
Cup ZeroExtra Balloons For Super Needle Balloon
Another great idea by George Iglesias, comes to us, this time with an incredible NEW levitation trick that will blow everybody's mind!Extra clear balloons for your Needle Through Balloon trick. Essential for anyone who performs this trick on a regular basis! Price per dozen



Folding Travel Spiral Glass Breaking Table Pro
Folding Travel SpiralGlass Breaking Table Pro
For years, many magicians asked Bruce to create a Growing and Shrinking Head Spiral to fit into suitcases, briefcases and backpacks. He's done it! This new spiral folds in half because of a cloth hinge that has been fused with a special glue to the back of the spiral. That makes it half the size.Easy Setup, Very Light, Completely Mechanical



Gravity Box by Jay Leslie Gypsy Balloon DVD by Tony Clark
Gravity Box by Jay LeslieGypsy Balloon DVD by Tony Clark
The spectator strains and sweats but is unable to budge the boxThis is one of the strongest pieces I've ever created. I just used it to close my hit show "Masters of Magic" in the 1200 seat Montbleu theater in Lake Tahoe!



Hare Mail with Remote Control Jumbo Disk Escape
Hare Mail with Remote ControlJumbo Disk Escape
SOLD OUT!A spectator may select any disk. There is no force. Selected disk is revealed in a very unique way.



Jumbo McCombical Deck - Royal Kennards Mystery Box
Jumbo McCombical Deck - RoyalKennards Mystery Box
Everyone gets fooled on this one! This is an easy-to-perform, easy-to-follow mystery that packs a wallop. A real classic that will surprise and amaze. Comes with jumbo cards and full instructions.First sold in the mid 1960's. It was a tiny box made by D. Robbins. A ton of them were sold but alas it disappeared. Kennard came across an old instruction and decided to make it bigger and better. The gimmick is stronger and better hidden. The ring is larger. Check out the demonstration.



Knife Thru Coat Losander Original Floating Table 2.0 & Anti gravity Box w/DVD
Knife Thru CoatLosander Original Floating Table 2.0 & Anti gravity Box w/DVD
Comes with special gimmicked knife and switching knife.20 years ago Losander created a special effect "The Floating Table". It is the best Floating Table you have ever seen. A solid Table, which is used during the show to hold your props, begins to rise, starts floating and even a volunteer can...



Melting Mirror 12x16, Deluxe - Wood Needle Thru Balloon
Melting Mirror 12x16, Deluxe - WoodNeedle Thru Balloon
This is the "Cadillac" of mirror penetrations. It measures approximately 12" x 16" and is beautifully finished in natural oak. It is hand held and both sides of the mirror can be shown.The best version of this classic you've ever performed! Imagine plunging a stainless steel needle through a seemingly fragile balloon - and the balloon not popping!



Passe Passe Bottles Set - Deluxe Pendragon Sands
Passe Passe Bottles Set - DeluxePendragon Sands
An ALL-Time Classic EffectCharlotte Pendragon's best trick yet is making something old new again, and that is exactly what she does when presenting her Magical Mystery Sands. Demo



Rubiks Nightmare Sands of the Desert - Small
Rubiks NightmareSands of the Desert - Small
Rubik's Nightmare is not a trick. It's a professional routine that's designed to kill even in the toughest live TV environment. A great addition to your repertoire and for TV exposure. Check out the demo, especially the climax at the end!3 different colored sands are poured into a bowl of water and mixed up. One by one they can be removed separated by their color. After a color is removed it can be shown instantly dry!! This is the best sand ever & works effortlessly! No Squeezing! No Crumbling! No Clumping! Just Dry Flowing Sand!



Secrets of the Snowstorm Shrinking And Growing Head Spiral Extreme by Bruce Kalver
Secrets of the SnowstormShrinking And Growing Head Spiral Extreme by Bruce Kalver
Comes complete with 6 snowstorm loads (4 white, 1 red, 1 multi), 12 inch fan and 32 page Secrets of the Snowstorm book.PERFECT FOR VERY LARGE THEATERS, STADIUMS , ETC. The Growing and Shrinking Head Illusion has become a classic in magic. Magicians from part timers to professionals have made this illusion a staple of their shows



Silk Through  - Wood Spikes Through Glass
Silk Through - WoodSpikes Through Glass
Have a silk or small sponge ball PENETRATE a SOLID mirror!

Display a clear glass piece in a frame. The frame is placed in another frame with doors on front and back with 4 holes in them. The doors are closed & 4 spikes pushed through the holes, penetrating right through the glass. Spikes are removed and glass shown to be unharmed.



Spook House Illusion Star Storm by Alan Wong
Spook House IllusionStar Storm by Alan Wong
Based on the classic Arabian Tent illusion, this Spook House is from the pages of Tom Palmer's popular book, "Modern Illusions", It's an exact reproduction of Tom's house, a Victory Carton illusion and case made from durable, 200 lb. test...Perfect for your "Snow Storm in China" routine. Also can be used with any of the snow storm cannons. Contains 12 multi-colored star storm packets.



Sword Through Necktie Sword Thru Neck
Sword Through NecktieSword Thru Neck
This is the famous Sword Through Neck illusion, constructed in a necktie. As a result you have a sword apparently going through the bare neck without any shielding by a "frame" or "stock". Comes complete with special tie that makes this possible, and stainless steel sword and scabbard.A slightly gruesome effect, yes, but one that never fails to click. This is just the illusion you have been waiting for as you can use a volunteer assistant.



Time For A Change by Lee Alex DVD TRISECTOR
Time For A Change by Lee Alex DVDTRISECTOR
Since 2009 Lee Alex has presented his lecture "Time for a Change?" in more than 50 towns and cities,Just got these in for the Get Together and they work great. Its one of those effects you just can't stop playing with. Unlike earlier versions a grown man of average proportions can easily fit their hand in this prop. Great visual magic and the perfect Halloween effect!



Vectra X2 Abbotts Hand of Caliph
Vectra X2Abbotts Hand of Caliph
On stage, it's a DREAM. It's strong enough to lift large objects like floating balls, magic wands, soda cans, you name it. Demo is pretty straight forward showing the strength of this product.Because of the ingenuity of this device, created by Jesse Thornton, no effort on the part of the magician is necessary to bring about the effect.



Abbotts L-I-N-K-S Abbotts Nest of Boxes
Abbotts L-I-N-K-SAbbotts Nest of Boxes
This is a new method for performing one of the classiest effects in magic!This is one of the most beautiful (and mysterious) outfits we have ever offered. Complete with instructions and routine.



Abbotts Super Duper Balloon Abbotts Zombie
Abbotts Super Duper BalloonAbbotts Zombie
A large, round balloon is inflated (the spectator can do this), and held between the hands of the magician. Slowly the hands are removed and the balloon floats in space!Classic Floating Ball Effect



Chinese Chopper Color Changing Vest (Birthday Cake w/DVD)
Chinese ChopperColor Changing Vest (Birthday Cake w/DVD)
The construction is of the best. The paint job is "as smooth as velvet". Cutout Chinese design in red, black and gold lacquers.A plain white vest buttoned at the front and showing out from underneath an open jacket becomes emblazened with a beautifully illustrated cake.



Color Changing Vest (Snow Leopard) Color Changing Vest (Stars and Stripes)
Color Changing Vest (Snow Leopard)Color Changing Vest (Stars and Stripes)
For those of you familiar with the original "Colour Change Waistcoat", the "Snow Leopard Vest" incorporates a completely different method.Lee Alex, British illusionist, translator and co-author of the book "Quick change" by Sven Schoppenhauer (Lex Schoppi) presents a unique quick change item for all performers.



Color Changing Vest - Stripes Crystal Dimension Mirror
Color Changing Vest - StripesCrystal Dimension Mirror
Lee Alex, British illusionist, translator and co-author of the book "Quick change" by Sven Schoppenhauer (Lex Schoppi) presents a unique quick change item for all performers.Use it on stage or as close a few feet away.



Disecto Bonus Farmer and the Witch
Disecto BonusFarmer and the Witch
Order a Disecto from Abbotts and receive 4 free pdf books (Strange Secrets 1, Strange Secrets 2, Strange Secrets Addendum, and Bag O Trix). PDF Downloads are instant with paypal, a little longer if you use a credit card. Disecto provides mystery, entertainment, & quality construction.The greatest achievement in modern mystery that has ever been brought out for the club and church performer.



Find The Queen Flagtastick
Find The QueenFlagtastick
The classic Three Card Monte trick made in super-jumbo sized cards that do all of the work for you!This can be a startling opener, or a fantastic closer



Floating Light Floating Light Replacement
Floating LightFloating Light Replacement
This outfit comes complete with bulb and accessories plus a copy of Miracle Floating Light Effects. This effect is a reputation-maker!Don't get caught in the dark, replacement bulbs are available for the Floating Light.



French Arm Chopper - Mak Genii Box
French Arm Chopper - Mak Genii Box
Manufactured by Mak Magic ' Limited Production ' Any spectator's arm is placed in the chopper. A large SOLID BLADE is forced down thru the wrist. The spectator's ACTUAL HAND (not a dummy) is seen to drop off and fall in the bag below!One of the...A few silks are placed into this small wooden box. The box is opened and the silks are gone!



Guillotine Light & Heavy Chest
GuillotineLight & Heavy Chest
The blade may even be pushed up and down through the victim?s neck.Furniture Quality Apparatus!



Lion and Cobra Master Card Technique Vol 2 (World's Greatest Magic)
Lion and CobraMaster Card Technique Vol 2 (World's Greatest Magic)
Stage version of our popular effect Hippity Hop RabbitsMagicians have been displaying the many wonders inherent in a simple pack of playing cards. There is, perhaps, no tool at a magician's disposal that is more widely used.



Parasol Anywhere by Joker Lam Parasol Box Set (4 Parasols, Select Colors)
Parasol Anywhere by Joker LamParasol Box Set (4 Parasols, Select Colors)
The parasol production has long been praised as one of the most amazing and elegant magic. However, it is also one of the most close-guarded secrets in magic.Our parasol has been highly praised by many experts around the world as one of the finest parasols ever. In this set, you receive 4 extremely well-made, self-opening parasols. All



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