Paddle Tricks

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Birdcage Paddle Trick Magic Stick
Birdcage Paddle TrickMagic Stick
You show two paddles, one with a parrot and one with a cage. With a little magic you make the parrot fly to the other paddle and land in the cage! Great trick!Amazing & Easy to Learn! Magically change the stick into the spectator''s selected color! Includes magic stick and full illustrated directions.



Money Paddle Moonspinner
Money PaddleMoonspinner
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With this amazing paddle you can magically make money appear! The Money Paddle comes in a black sack with step by step online instructions. Easy Amaze, Easy To Learn.... Check out the demo and see what makes this special.
Illusion turns into reality as this imaginary coin instantaneously changes into a real coin! At the end, everything can be examined



Turbo Stick (Props and DVD) by Richard Sanders Wonder Signal
Turbo Stick (Props and DVD) by Richard SandersWonder Signal
Richard Sanders with a new paddle trick, you know this has to be special; and it is because this paddle that is made from 100% dry erase board. Whatever you write or draw on the paddle can immediately be wiped clean with your fingers. Shipment arrives at Abbotts next week. Demo!The spots magically change to three orange or yellow spots, then three green spots and finally three different colors (red, orange and green) on both sides of the paddle.



Color Changing Knife Set Color Changing Knives (World's Greatest Magic)
Color Changing Knife SetColor Changing Knives (World's Greatest Magic)
We supply 3 knives, and a special holder to hold 2 of the knives. Custom made pen knives in anodized aluminum, which will never rust.The invention of the Color-Changing Knives is usually credited to illusion designer Walter Jeans and as the effect began to enter the literature of magic in the 1930s



Dragster Hot Rod - Stretch Limo
DragsterHot Rod - Stretch Limo
The Hot Rod for the pro. Clear rod with jewels on all four sides which change to a selected color-every spot.A Classic Black Anodized Aluminum Hot Rod that is 6 Inches in length.



Hot Rod DVD - Teach In Hot Rod w/ Book - Clear Acrylic Rod
Hot Rod DVD - Teach In Hot Rod w/ Book - Clear Acrylic Rod
When you pull out your Hot Rod they know they will witness something specialGreat to carry in your pocket to perform at a moments notice!



HotRod Pens, Blue or Red Jumping Arrow
HotRod Pens, Blue or RedJumping Arrow
The real pen that does real magic!The Amazing Jumping Arrow is destined to become a classic.



Magical HotRod - Brass Metal Gem Hot Rod
Magical HotRod - BrassMetal Gem Hot Rod
This Magical HotRod may be handed out for examination. Another great trick that fools magicians!The Magic HotRod is one of the most effective props in magic you can own! HotRods available in Black, Gold, & Silver.



Metal Gem HotRod with DVD Money Paddle
Metal Gem HotRod with DVDMoney Paddle
HotRods available in Black, Gold, & SilverMake money appear out of thin air with this amazing paddle! This is a high quality piece of magical apparatus



Rainbow Rod Slip Off Spots
Rainbow RodSlip Off Spots
The Rod is changes into a magic wand with colored ends that match the chosen color!The rod is pushed through the fist holding the die. The rods now fills with the colors of the gems and the die is seen to be blank.



Transpotted Paddle
Transpotted Paddle
Color is chosen and the spot vanishes to be revealed on the back of a selected card. Easy to do.


1 - 21 of 21 items