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10 Magic Post Cards 77th Get Together Program Ads
10 Magic Post Cards 77th Get Together Program Ads
Beautiful cards imported from Italy with famous magicians on the frontWant to do something nice but different for someone this Christmas? Now your friend or family member can have a business card size ad in the 77th Abbott Get Together Program for as low as $40.00 - Its the perfect gift and will last a lifetime because our programs are so collectible!



Abbott 75th Get Together T Shirts In Stock Abbott Gift Certificates
Abbott 75th Get Together T Shirts In StockAbbott Gift Certificates
Abbott 75th Get Together T Shirts In Stock. Be sure to give us your size as our shirt range is medium to xxlarge. Watch the "demo" by Greg Bordner on this shirtThe perfect stocking stuffer! Abbott Gift Certificates can be in any denomination you wish, however online they are a set price. If it gets too close to Christmas let us know and we can mail the cert directly to that lucky person.



Abbotts Daring Spring Trap Abbotts Super Duper Balloon
Abbotts Daring Spring TrapAbbotts Super Duper Balloon
A truly unique piece of entertainment! Very suspenseful (especially when used as a "Russian Roulette" routine) but harmless as shown in the demo.A large, round balloon is inflated (the spectator can do this), and held between the hands of the magician. Slowly the hands are removed and the balloon floats in space!




Capture Card Castle - Credit Card
CaptureCard Castle - Credit Card
Luke Dancy shares the secret to one of the most powerful effects you can do with ANY SMART PHONE! CAPTURE gives you the ability to take a borrowed coin and have it appear INSIDE the screen of a BORROWED cell phone! The best part…NO APP REQUIRED! Check out the demonstrationThe card castle folds flat and is opened instantly by simply lifting to produce a castle 18 inches high!



Collectible - 1987 50th Get Together Program and Tickets Colon License Plate
Collectible - 1987 50th Get Together Program and TicketsColon License Plate
A collectors dream, the 50th Get Together Program and tickets to lectures and shows.Proceeds go the the Colon Chamber of Commerce



Crystal Dimension Mirror Dollar Daze
Crystal Dimension MirrorDollar Daze
Use it on stage or as close a few feet away.Performer assembles pieces to show that there are 49 dollar signs displayed. He reassembles the pieces and now there are 50. Nothing to hide or get rid of, self contained and self working. Check out the demo by Greg



Electric Touch Entanglement
Electric TouchEntanglement
The pleasant static shock from Electric Touch will make audiences excited and they will remember you for the rest of their lives. Perform it anywhere on a moment's notice. Check out the demo!A "poor mans" switchboard illusion



Extra Balloons For Super Needle Balloon Geek Magic DVD
Extra Balloons For Super Needle BalloonGeek Magic DVD
Extra clear balloons for your Needle Through Balloon trick. Essential for anyone who performs this trick on a regular basis! Price per dozenIf you have any doubt in your ability to safely perform the mindless, silly, downright, insane stunts explained herein, DO NOT ATTEMPT THEM.



Hot and Cold Pipe Kennards Mystery Box
Hot and Cold PipeKennards Mystery Box
Here we have an old "thing" newly built and technically perfect, The Pompoms as pipe with a faucet at the each end and two drain plugs!First sold in the mid 1960's. It was a tiny box made by D. Robbins. A ton of them were sold but alas it disappeared. Kennard came across an old instruction and decided to make it bigger and better. The gimmick is stronger and better hidden. The ring is larger. Check out the demonstration.



Lubor Lens by Paul Harris M Ring
Lubor Lens by Paul Harris M Ring
All you need is the speical patented Lubor's Lens and a normal pen (which you can prepare in a few seconds).With this ring (Not a Magnet), you will be able to make objects vanish, reappear, or change. The M Ring can be utilized with coins, cards, silks, and more. The M Ring comes with an instructional DVD that teaches how to use the M Ring in 19 different effects. Check out the Demo!



Magic By Phone Magic Pins
Magic By PhoneMagic Pins
Now that everybody carries a cell phone, magic over the phone can be performed anytime, anywhere. Suddenly the telephone coupled with secret knowledge have become one of the magician's and mentalist's most powerful tools.These pins are made for the Colon Lions club and honor various people.



Magic Show Sign Moving Tanline by Nathan Kranzo
Magic Show SignMoving Tanline by Nathan Kranzo
I like this idea. The sign will definitely get peoples attention. Like most construction signs people are drawn to what they see. Even if it doesn't say anything. I was impressed with Brennan's simplicity on this sign and left me with "Why didn't I think of that" moment. The ideas are endless.Magicians often claim there are no new effects in magic. Nathan Kranzo proves thats a lie. His tan line trick is funny, startling, and completely original



Newtons Nightmare Paul Harris Presents Lubor's Gift by Lubor Fiedler
Newtons NightmarePaul Harris Presents Lubor's Gift by Lubor Fiedler
The brass weight can be seen floating through the tube - even while the trick is in the package, making this a virtually self-performing miracle!You open up a stamped shipping carton and remove a colorful gift box --- and then, impossibly, you proceed to put the stamped shipping carton into the gift box. What was once on the outside is now on the inside...and vice versa. Check out the demo!



Rice Orange Checkers Rubiks Nightmare
Rice Orange CheckersRubiks Nightmare

Ever since the turn of the last century, the days of the big illusion show,
the Rice, Orange & Checkers Mystery has been a favorite with audiences both here and abroad.

Rubik's Nightmare is not a trick. It's a professional routine that's designed to kill even in the toughest live TV environment. A great addition to your repertoire and for TV exposure. Check out the demo, especially the climax at the end!



Shrinking And Growing Head Spiral Extreme by Bruce Kalver Silk Through  - Wood
Shrinking And Growing Head Spiral Extreme by Bruce KalverSilk Through - Wood
PERFECT FOR VERY LARGE THEATERS, STADIUMS , ETC. The Growing and Shrinking Head Illusion has become a classic in magic. Magicians from part timers to professionals have made this illusion a staple of their showsHave a silk or small sponge ball PENETRATE a SOLID mirror!



Spikes Through Glass T Shirts from Colon
Spikes Through GlassT Shirts from Colon
The doors are closed, and four spikes pushed through the holes, apparently penetrating right through the glass. The spikes are then removed and shown to be completely unharmed.Magic Capital T Shirts



Trick Photography
Trick Photography
There are lots of i-Phone tricks out there, mainly apps, but we think we have the best trick ever!


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