Livestock Magic

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Crystal Dove Casket Dovan
Crystal Dove CasketDovan
This is a completely different type of production box,This can be performed surrounded and in your bathing suit! It's all in the boards!



Dove Bag - Black, 1-Hand Dove Bag - NewsPaper 1-Hand
Dove Bag - Black, 1-HandDove Bag - NewsPaper 1-Hand
Silent operation!Eliminates all the hassle with dove production



Dove Bag - White, 1-Hand Dove Crusher
Dove Bag - White, 1-Hand Dove Crusher
Comfortable for the Dove!The effect includes the box, stand and table top.



Dove from Sketch Pad Dove Pan - Double Load - Uday
Dove from Sketch PadDove Pan - Double Load - Uday
Direct from Dan Sperry's award winning Las Vegas Dove ActThe prop of 1001 uses,



Dove Pan O Rama Dove Pan - Single Load - Morrissey
Dove Pan O RamaDove Pan - Single Load - Morrissey
Dove Pan-Orama Book Learn the secret moves and sleights using your Dove Pan, or another Pan. Productions & Vanishes galore!Morrissey Magic Last Chance Sale - As you may already know Morrissey is out of business and Abbotts is selling off its remaining inventory of these high quality products! The prop of 1001 uses, limited only by your imagination.



Dove Through Mirror Dove Thru Glass
Dove Through MirrorDove Thru Glass
Good quality stage prop, at a very reasonable price.A mechanical mystery, elegant in appearance, super in effect. This one is automatic and self contained, yet looks impossible. Check out the demo by Gordon Miller



Doves to Rabbit Duck Pan
Doves to RabbitDuck Pan
All four sides fall down and the doves are gone. At the same time a live rabbit is seen on the platform.The granddaddy of the "Dove Pan family". Ideal for large auditorium shows, stage productions, etc. Will produce a small rabbit, small duck or even a small dog. Perfect for the "really big shows". See demo by BJ Mallen!



Fastest Trick Flipover Dove Box - Hampton Ridge Magic
Fastest TrickFlipover Dove Box - Hampton Ridge Magic
This is a large platform or stage vanish of livestockThese are perfect for the professional performer who needs props that are both dependable and beautiful!



Ink to Goldfish Ka-Boom Production Box
Ink to GoldfishKa-Boom Production Box
The glass is not filled with ink anymore, but crystal clear water... and live goldfish!A countdown ensues and all of a sudden the balloons burst and a rabbit or a load of silks and other production items appear out of nowhere inside the box



Live Magic Neil Foster Dove Production
Live MagicNeil Foster Dove Production
Livestock workers - this is the booklet you have been waiting for!Since its release, over twenty-five years ago, the Neil Foster Dove Production has been acclaimed by magicians from all over the world as the smoothest method on the market.



Night Club Dove Vanish Perfect Vanishing Box
Night Club Dove VanishPerfect Vanishing Box
A pair of doves, small rabbit, or other livestock is placed in this handsomely decorated box. The box is taken apart piece by piece to show the livestock has vanished. Attractively painted, this makes a big display on stage. Folds flat for packing convenience.As always with Mikame Craft you receive a genuine piece of art, very high class magic apparatus.



Rabbitt Wringer Formica Rainbow House
Rabbitt Wringer FormicaRainbow House
High quality design, wonderful workmanship and beautiful finishing make this classic trick one that you will be proud to performALL-Time Kids Classic is BACK!



See Thru Flip Over Box Tops Treasury of Dove Magic
See Thru Flip Over BoxTops Treasury of Dove Magic
VISIBLE Vanish thru the Window!This book is a collection of ideas, tricks, suggestions and articles from the pages of "TOPS" Magazine of Magic, dealing with magic with doves.



61 - 86 of 86 items