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ABC Stung Asrah in Miniature
ABC StungAsrah in Miniature
This effect is becoming a classic kids routine.One of the greatest levitation mysteries in the history of magic is now available in miniature form! Check out the demo by Greg Bordner



Attaboy Wizard Candy Factory
Attaboy WizardCandy Factory
Wizard is an inch taller than the standard Abbott Attaboy.Magician places the tube over the glass, and instantly the glass becomes full of candy.



Card Duck - Europe Card in Balloon
Card Duck - Europe Card in Balloon
The card it picks is the one chosen by the spectator!Suddenly the balloon bursts and in its place is the selected card! Well made apparatus and easy to perform.



Catch That Tiger Chair Suspension - Mak
Catch That TigerChair Suspension - Mak
A card trick that can be performed for children. Its cute, magical, and examinable.The Mak Magic Chair Suspension is a 1 person illusion!



Cinderella Goes to School Circus Wagon - Mak
Cinderella Goes to School Circus Wagon - Mak
This is a childrens effect on the popular Hippity Hop Rabbits theme.Entirely mechanical, self-contained and angles not a problem. Produce a vent figure. Do a short routine. Hide a tape recorder in the box for a fake vent act.



Color Me A Hat Coloring Book - Mini
Color Me A HatColoring Book - Mini
Performer displays a picture of a Rabbit in an outline Top Hat, and a chart with four different colored hats. Spectator selects a hat, and the picture gets colored with the Rabbit now in the selected colored hat. The colored picture can be given...One of the finest tricks in magic. Now in miniature form



Coloring Book kit-crayon, wand, book by Royal Magic Dans Magic Van
Coloring Book kit-crayon, wand, book by Royal MagicDans Magic Van
Coloring book and a box of crayons and a wand all come in this specially priced kit, check out the demo by Greg Bordner.Drive the Kids Crazy with FUN



Deluxe Santa Stuck in Chimney Flash Cards - Memorized Deck (w/DVD)
Deluxe Santa Stuck in ChimneyFlash Cards - Memorized Deck (w/DVD)
Santa Clause just can`t seem to get down the chimney in one piece!Using Kerry Summers' clever system, you should be able to have these memorized in under an hour (usually more like 30 mins).



Forgetful Freddie Forgetful Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Forgetful Freddie Forgetful Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
This is a cute wooden figure 21" high. Fred is so forgetful that he loses his head. The head is vanished with a supplied Devils Napkin. A balloon is blown up and placed on the figure to replace the head. Suddenly, the balloon bursts and in its...This is a brilliant trick for children and grownups of all ages. Comes complete with instructions and everything necessary to perform this fun an entertaining trick!



Funnel, Comedy - Morrissey Funnel, Economy - Aluminum
Funnel, Comedy - MorrisseyFunnel, Economy - Aluminum
Morrissey Magic Last Chance Sale - As you may already know Morrissey is out of business and Abbotts is selling off its remaining inventory of these high quality products! The performer who features comedy magic in their routine must have a COMEDY FUNNEL.The comedy possibilities are endless. Made of Aluminum.



Good Shot Happy Birthday Silk
Good ShotHappy Birthday Silk
Super comedy effect demonstrated by Jerry LewisProduce this silk in your birthday shows for guaranteed applause! Imported from Italy!



Hippity Hop Santas Instant Popsicle - Triples
Hippity Hop SantasInstant Popsicle - Triples
These two Santas change places within their respective chimney several times and when the audience thinks they know how its done... the chimneys are raised and the Santas are seen in the traditional red and white costumesPerform the complete routine with the three different-colored popsicles supplied, or the basic effect as described above.



Kid Show LIVE & Studio DVD Kid Stuff Volumes
Kid Show LIVE & Studio DVDKid Stuff Volumes
In this DVD, Carroll Baker will show you how to get new life out of those old props in your closet.4 Volumes of Frances Marshall classic kids series, $10 per volume.



Lion and Cobra Live Kid Biz 3 and 4 Combo DVD
Lion and CobraLive Kid Biz 3 and 4 Combo DVD
Stage version of our popular effect Hippity Hop Rabbits, check out the demo's of this awesome prop that has a surprise ending.David Ginn will show you how dressing up creates laughter at schools, libraries, and shows for kids.



You will watch and learn as magician/author David Ginn performs for school age kids.Learn to have fun entertaining children audiences.



Magic Tea Kettle Mental Balloon - Europe
Magic Tea KettleMental Balloon - Europe
The performer relates that the tea kettle was found at the foot of a rainbow, and that it holds all the colors of that rainbow. He then begins to pour out various colored drinks from the tea kettle. He continues to pour and pour --- even up to 15...After each balloon is burst (freely named by the spectators), the only one that remains matches with the magician?s prediction.



Metamorpho Spots Needle Thru Balloon
Metamorpho Spots Needle Thru Balloon
FANTASTIC magic effect for children of all ages.The best version of this classic you've ever performed! Imagine plunging a stainless steel needle through a seemingly fragile balloon - and the balloon not popping!



Number Box - Germany One Balloon Zoo
Number Box - Germany One Balloon Zoo
Extremely High Class Quality from GermanyHere is a great book on making one balloon animals by Jimmy Davis, the featured balloon worker at The Pickle Barrel in Chicago's Old Town



Pig that Turns Around Pom Pom Pole
Pig that Turns AroundPom Pom Pole
A novel (and correctly-made) effect as referred to in 'Sid Lorraine's Scrapbook." The performer draws a picture of a square pig on the slate. He then announces that he can make the square pig look "round". At the snap of his fingers, the head of the pig visibly turns "round" (around. Demo!The finale' of the trick comes when the magi separates the stick to show, that there is no cross-connection between the pom-poms.



Quick Change Bowtie Rainbow House
Quick Change BowtieRainbow House
You will be able to change the color of your bow tie up to 6 times, perfect to use as a running gagALL-Time Kids Classic is BACK!



Royal Magic Coloring Book Run Rabbit Run - Professional
Royal Magic Coloring BookRun Rabbit Run - Professional
The Royal Magic Coloring book is the finest on the market. Changes from blank pages to outlined pages to colored drawings are made with the greatest of ease. If you can flip through a book, you can perform this astonishing trick! Check out Demo by Greg BordnerThe children scream and point and shout and the rabbit scoots back to the hutch on the right. The rabbit pokes its head out from the side of the hutch, then runs back to the hutch on the left.



Santa Stuck in the Chimney School Assembly Tour Book
Santa Stuck in the ChimneySchool Assembly Tour Book
Santa just can`t seem to get down the chimney in one piece!One of the most dependable and consistent markets for magical entertainment is the field of School Assembly shows.



Signature Edition Sketchpad Birthday (Add-On Only) Sonic Cleaning Chamber
Signature Edition Sketchpad Birthday (Add-On Only) Sonic Cleaning Chamber
A bunny slowly rises out of the hat holding a big ?Happy Birthday? sign.By combining the concepts of The Sun and Moon Handkerchief trick with The Chinese Washing Machine, Hank Moorehouse has developed a modern, up-to-date routine.



Sorcerer's Apprentice Spikes Thru Balloon
Sorcerer's ApprenticeSpikes Thru Balloon
Screams of laughter! Plunge right in with this comedy/magic routine!The balloon is Clearly seen Penetrated by the spikes! But will not break! Explain that?



Spotty Stratospheres
When the bag is now shown on the inside, there is a dog named "Spot".The quality of Strat-O-Sphere is unsurpassed, maybe never to be equaled.



Vernet Wrong Way Wacky Washing
Vernet Wrong WayWacky Washing
The plaque drops open showing a police officer 44" high in full color, the face cut out and the magician's face shows thru it.The children will love to watch you do your socks. Put them in, turn the loud crank, take them out and they have shrunk! Then they become shredded! Then change color!



Wand to Diploma Wizard Hat Paper Tear
Wand to DiplomaWizard Hat Paper Tear
As a special way of thanking your volunteer assistant, you display a magic wand which unrolls into a personalized certificate!Torn pieces are crumpled together, and when opened out have transformed into a beautiful Wizard hat. PLUS - A FREE Uday Round Tear with each order while supplies last



Ziggy the Zebra - Germany
Ziggy the Zebra - Germany
Like all the other zebras, Ziggy has black and white stripes. In the evenings, Ziggy sometimes entertains his friend with a very puzzling trick.


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