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Abbott Chair Suspension Abbotts Arrow Head Illusion
Abbott Chair SuspensionAbbotts Arrow Head Illusion
The Abbott classic effect, two chairs are setup and a board is laid across the two chairs. A child is placed on the board then the magic begins, one of the chairs is removed and the child is safely suspended on the board and one chair. Great visual magic at an affordable priceThe arrows fill and divide the cabinet into small sections leaving no space for even a shrunken head, let alone a real living and breathing head. No mirrors!




Abbotts Floating Table Abbotts Miracle Cage Vanish
Abbotts Floating TableAbbotts Miracle Cage Vanish
Table is freely shown as magician places his hands flat on the tabletop. Immediately the table is seen to move, rock from side to side, and finally rise.A startling and perfect closing effect



Abbotts Modernistic Amputation Abbotts Sword Thru Body
Abbotts Modernistic AmputationAbbotts Sword Thru Body
Members of the audience can look through and they are still completely mystified.Magician goes into audience and cuts melon in half. He returns to stage and runs his assistant through with sword. Visual, easy, packs flat, plays big, only one left at this price.



Abbotts Torturette Arm Cremation
Abbotts TorturetteArm Cremation
The audience plainly sees the top of the spikes showing in the handle, while the points of the spikes are visible at the bottom of the cabinet. That is why TORTURETTE is so convincing. Quick demo done by Greg Bordner.The fire and flash are ignited electronically NO FLINT WHEELS OR MATCHES.




Arm Twister Illusion Chair Suspension - Mak
Arm Twister IllusionChair Suspension - Mak
The perfect One-Man illusion! The Arm Twister works like the very popular Head TwisterThe Mak Magic Chair Suspension is a 1 person illusion!



Chair Suspension, Deluxe - STEEL Chopping Block
Chair Suspension, Deluxe - STEELChopping Block
Brand New Design w/ Reinforced Steel Chairs & Gimmick!Percy Abbott had just seen a Hollywood biblical epic featuring the beheading of John the Baptist. The scene was done in silhouette, a shadow on the palace wall. Percy thought the idea would make a great stage effect...and here it is.




Dagger Chest Dis-Armed
Dagger ChestDis-Armed
The "magicians" head is placed into the Egyptian box. Daggers (swords) are then placed into the box in all directions. The doors of the box are opened to display the condition of the magicians head. However the audience is shocked to find that the magicians head has VANISHED completely!One-Person Portable Illusion! Place your arm in a box and slowly insert two aluminum blades through your arm then open the box and only the blades show. Check out demonstrations, AKA Blades Thru Arm.



Double Rod thru Neck w/ Sheath Electric Sawing
Double Rod thru Neck w/ Sheath Electric Sawing
Compact & Portable Illusion DOUBLE!Mini Illusion- Big Impact



Excalibur (Floating Table) With DVD by Dirk Losander Flaming Head Chest
Excalibur (Floating Table) With DVD by Dirk LosanderFlaming Head Chest
Introducing the new Excalibur Floating Table!Longtime classic effect, see Peter Loughran's changes that make this effect even more baffling on the Magic Cafe. The box is placed over a spectator's head, and a long flaming brass torch is pushed through the cabinet, apparently right through their head!



Flying Carpet Illusion by Wood Crafters (SWIVEL & SWORDS) Flying Carpet, Princess - Frontier
Flying Carpet Illusion by Wood Crafters (SWIVEL & SWORDS)Flying Carpet, Princess - Frontier
The decorative screen is taken away. Next, one of the steel swords is taken away. Finally, the last sword is whisked away and the volunteer is left floating in midair! For the finale, the volunteer starts SPINNING IN MID AIR, just as if they were really floating!!!The carpet & the spectator REVOLVES in mid-air at the same time! THE SPECTATORS SEE ALL SIDES! Don't get this confused with inferior models, remember that this model REVOLVES 360 DEGREES IN FRONT OF YOUR AUDIENCE. Whats the point of making flying carpets if they don't move?




French Arm Chopper - Mak Guillotine
French Arm Chopper - Mak Guillotine


The blade may even be pushed up and down through the victim?s neck.




Head Twister Houdini Rope
Head Twister Houdini Rope
An Unexplainably Mystifying Illusion that Adds Laughter on Top of Great Comedy!An astonishing one-man illusion, Houdini’s Rope fills the stage with action and mystery; it’s the perfect small illusion, a practical effect for almost any show.



Lester Lake Guillotine Murder Inc
Lester Lake GuillotineMurder Inc
One of the best illusion props for the large stage performer. Call or email for availabilityNo, we are not killing off the population. One of Abbotts suppliers (MAK) has begun a initial production run of Murder Inc., a hallowed classic of stage magic.



My Lady Steps Out Peter Loughran's  Micro Devil's Reflection
My Lady Steps OutPeter Loughran's Micro Devil's Reflection
The frame which breaks down, is finished in blue and white lacquer. Each panel is four inches by sixteen inches. An affordable small illusion - packs small and plays big!Peter Loughran's famous mirror Penetration that has mystified audiences and baffled magicians for years has now been built in a micro size!



Plate Thru Arm Psychic Floating Table - MKE
Plate Thru ArmPsychic Floating Table - MKE
Place your arm through the hole in the frame, and push the plate down. It penetrates right through the arm. A different "chopper" effect, also suitable for kid shows.Mikame Craft of Japan Ultimate Quality



Sword Through Necktie Visible Sawing - Frontier
Sword Through NecktieVisible Sawing - Frontier
This is the famous Sword Through Neck illusion, constructed in a necktie. As a result you have a sword apparently going through the bare neck without any shielding by a "frame" or "stock". Comes complete with special tie that makes this possible, and stainless steel sword and scabbard.FRONTIER MAGIC has put their best efforts into producing a quality “VISIBLE SAWING”.



Visible Sawing - Mak
Visible Sawing - Mak
Perform the famous SAWING A GIRL IN HALF ILLUSION. A real feature effect that packs in a suitcase with the rest of your show. Borrow a girl right out of the audience. Demo!


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