Hippity Hop Rabbits - Stage

Hippity Hop Rabbits - Stage
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  • Item #: p1657
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $148.00

Not your standard Hippity Hop Rabbits. Designed for today's performer and today's audiences, this set has brightly silk-screened images of a male and female rabbit that can open the door for huge comedy potential.

The Rabbits change position through the routine and as a finale, they change into two skunks that bring this routine to "THE END".

The large size and brilliant color make this illusion great for kid shows, school shows, parlor shows as well as stage shows. The durable construction will last through tons of performances

Solid wood construction
Bright contemporary images
Easy to perform
Limitless comedy potential
Surprise ending
Measures 91/2" X 141/2"

"The End" is the ending for this laugh generating effect!